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Cazwell's Mark Magazine Cover
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 Cazwell is a world renowned gay rapper. You’ve probably seen his YouTube hit music video, Ice Cream Truck, where he comedically raps with gorgeous guys around him. In his most recent hit music video called Get My Money Back, Cazwell and his crew dress up as sexy monkeys to provide a sight and sound that is sure to get stuck in your head. Denver is in for a real treat as he will be joining us for many events during PrideFest Denver. I recently spoke with him about his music and here is what he had to say:

You are performing at Denver PrideFest, what kind of experience do you bring to a live show?
I try to have a good time, and if I’m having a good time, then most people can connect with that and they start to have a good time. I don’t try to get too deep really. I’m just about really enjoying performing the songs.

Are you currently working on any projects, songwriting, albums, or anything?
I’m working on my new album that should be out in the end of the summer. Well hopefully... We’ll see how it goes. Definitely the first single will be out at the end of summer and it’s a song I did with Peaches.

I know you just mentioned cowriting, do you find yourself writing your own songs or more co-writing with people.
I write everything that I say in my songs. I write, produce, and co-produce every song that I do. Typically if there’s someone I wanna work with and I wrote a song I think they’d sound good on, I present it to them and they write their part. The kind of artist that I wanna work with writes their own material. It will sound more natural if they do their part. Everyone’s different, so if an artist doesn’t like what I wrote for them or they don’t even like what I wrote for me, then I’m open to change. I know that sometimes in the songwriting process, you either have to force yourself to sit down and get it done, or sometimes you feel really inspired and write everything down that you’re feeling.

What is generally your experience with songwriting? One or the other or both?
I would say it’s both, but 85% of the time what inspires me is a deadline. When my manager says I need it done by Wednesday, I sit down and get it done. Beyonce At Burger King was an idea that inspired me from hanging out with Jonny Makeup. He put the whole retard vibe in my head ‘cuz he was acting like such a retard. I’m not the kind of person that will sit down and look at the stars and wait for the universe to tell me what to write about. I’m sure Madonna did not write 552 songs because she felt each one. I’m sure the record company was like, “We need this album by this date, so get it done bitch!” What artists or songs are playing on repeat on your iPod? I know this sounds really egotistical, but my own. It’s not like I am listening to Ice Cream Truck or Watch My Mouth a hundred times. I’m halfway done with songs, so I’m listening to the beats and listening to what I have so I stay in that mode. If I’m working out, I’ll listen to M.I.A., Bowie, Killers, and instrumental beats.

What would your ultimate collaboration be?
The first thing that comes to my mind is Madonna, but... I just have a weird feeling that in some way, shape, or form she would suck up my soul (haha). I would have some weird, mysterious death within 90 days. But... uh... I would like to work with her as long as she didn’t take control.

Cazwell is performing on the main stage at PrideFest Denver on Sunday, June 19th at 2:15pm. Watch out for the smash hit Ice Cream Truck. He will be at JR’s for a meet and greet at 6:30pm after his main performance. He’ll also be spinning later that night at Beauty Bar.

Cazwell Brought the

"Ice Cream Truck" to Miami

By Troy Maillis


The ever creative hip-hop recording and performance artist, Cazwell,brought the “Ice Cream Truck” to Miami on Sunday, October 24 at Lux (formerly Liquid Nightclub). The event, Jump Sundays, was presented by Edison Farrow of SOBE Social Club, Omar Gonzalez and Tony Ferro.


Cazwell recently got many hearts racing, at least the gay hearts, with his song and video for the song “Ice Cream Truck.” The wildly fun, sexy video is the epitome of what Cazwell’s music is all about. Recently, he was featured as a guest star and judge on “Ru- Paul’s Drag Race,” and his song, “Watch My Mouth,” was featured on the new season of HBO’s “True Blood.” He also hosts and DJ’s at three popular weekly NYC nightlife events in addition to touring internationally. Cazwell also performed at Radio City Music hall with Amanda Lepore for Cyndi Lauper's True Colors tour. Cazwell spoke with Mark's List about “Ice Cream Truck” and his rising career.


MARK: So you’re coming to Miami to perform with the “Ice Cream Truck” boys? What can we expect from your performance?

CAZWELL: I’m bringing two of the boys from the “Ice Cream Truck” video—the two closest to my height [lol]; I’m 6’ 1”. I’m going to give a really good performance. I’ve never performed in Miami before, so I’m very excited about that.


Cazwell, photo by Marco OvandoQ. When the “Ice Cream Truck” video came out it quickly gained popularity and now has over two million views. Were you surprised at how fast it caught on?

A. I wasn’t really expecting it to happen so fast. I think all of my videos are great and are going to do well, but it’s always hard to tell which ones will catch on faster. One of my friends said it was going to go viral and I thought, “Do you really think so?” I think the key ingredient to the video is that it is just simple and sexy. All of the boys in the video smiled. You weren’t dealing with ‘thug’ boys just trying to be tough—they were smiling and just having a good time.


Q. Where did you find the boys for the video?

A. My friend and I both promote and DJ at clubs, so we just found them there. A lot of people who have watched the video are naturally very curious about the hot boys.


Q. How many of them are actually gay?

A. All of them except for one.


"Ice Cream Truck" photo by Marco OvandoQ. So you have an album out called “Watch My Mouth”?

A. The album is a collection of a bunch of songs. We wanted to do the album right and get it everywhere. There’s a DVD that comes with it with videos. I worked with a lot of different producers. My manager works closely with the dance industry, so I got a lot of my tracks from re-mixers.


Q. You’ve worked with Lady Gaga before and performed with her earlier on for “Just Dance.” Do you have plans to record or perform together in the future?

A. It’s not like we talk or go out to brunch or anything like that [lol]. But yeah, we did some early work together when she was first starting pushing records for her album. My first gig with her was at this club on the Lower East Side on Avenue C. But I’m telling you she was just as professional back then as could be. I think she’s a great artist and a great song writer. I would love to work with her—I think a lot of people would. I also just want to work with her because she knows the tricks for song writing. I admire her because she is one of the new leading pop icons who is really standing up for gay people. She continues to stand her ground on these issues.


Jump SundaysQ. Speaking of gay rights, I’m sure you’ve heard about the string of recent gay-related suicides. Do you plan on making a video in support?

A. I actually just shot one, and it was with the “Ice Cream Truck” dancers. Hopefully it will be ready to view as soon as possible. I don’t want to waste any time.


Q. Any future plans after your performance in Miami?

A. I definitely have future plans. First I’m pushing a Cazwell/Amanda Lepore EP with new tracks. She has a song that I’m featured on and I have a song that she’s featured on, and it also comes with remixes and videos. She has a video coming out for her song “Marilyn” and I have a video coming out for “Get Into It” and we are both in each other’s video. Then we’re doing like a little European tour. My next new video will be for “Get My Money Back,” which is going to be another sexy video. It will have the “Ice Cream Truck” boys, but like 30 of them. It’s definitely going to take the “Ice Cream Truck” video to the next level. It’s going to be a different scenario—a lot higher energy. Stay Tuned! 

Get My Money Back