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Reviewed by Mark

Swann Avenue Market and Cafe BeerWe ran into this deli looking for a quick bite and ended up with a very tasty Cuban sandwich, but the real story here is not the Boars Head meats on the deli sandwiches! What we found is a shop filled with beer. The owner was extremely proud of the fact that there is no wine, liquor or any alcohol other than beer! We also looked around on the Internet and found that Swann Avenue Express is pretty highly regarded among beer aficionados.  

While I was waiting for my Cuban sandwich to be hot pressed, I started looking around. When  I asked how many kinds of beer he sells, the reply was "I don't know, I think it's close to fifteen hundred or sixteen hundred kinds of beer." I have no doubt that there are at least fifteen hundred kinds of beer. The shelves are full floor to ceiling, aisle after aisle. I saw beers from every continent on earth. Most everything is out of case and available so that you can build your own six pack. A brilliant idea. Many are labeled mix and match buy two get the third (of equal or lesser value) free.  

Swann Avenue Express also sells glasses and everything the beer connoisseur needs to make drinking brew into more than just a pass-time. When you get in the area, stop by and build your own six-pack.



Swann Avenue Express

Market and Cafe


1021 West Swann Avenue

Tampa, FL 33606

A map of 1021 W Swann Ave, Tampa, FL 33606-2635. Click to see the map on MSN Maps & Directions