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About Atlantic Rejuvenation

Atlantic Rejuvenation specializes in HGH Testosterone and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men and Women Over 30.

The purpose of Atlantic Rejuvenation is to prevent disease and to promote your maximal health by providing non-toxic solutions for your complex medical conditions. They focus on integrating state-of-the-art laboratory testing and medical evaluation with the latest advancements in hormone replacement therapy treatments. Atlantic Rejuvenation's A4M trained and certified physicians are known for their preventative health expertise and understanding of the whole individual.

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Three Steps to Optimal Health

Each hormone replacement therapy (HRT) program is a highly customized treatment plan which consists of three easy steps.

Step 1: Free Consultation

During this initial consultation with your clinical counselor you will learn about your HRT treatment options, share your goals, and discuss your concerns. It is also important to make certain that there are no medical exclusions that would prevent HRT treatment at this time. This complimentary session takes approximately 15 minutes to complete by telephone.

Step 2: Lab Testing

The most important step in any HRT program is establishing your hormone baseline. Atlantic Rejuvenation begins with a lab test from a blood sample. For added convenience we can send a phlebotomist to you in most areas for no additional cost. Lab test results take 2-3 business days.

Step 3: Physician Consultation

Once your lab test results are received, you and the Atlantic Rejuvenation physician will spend up to an hour reviewing your medical history, lab test results, physical and emotional symptoms, as well as your preventive health objectives. Diet, lifestyle, exercise, and hormone deficiencies will be assessed at this time.

HRT Program

Based upon your review, the Atlantic Rejuvenation physician will prescribe a customized treatment plan for immediate action. Your clinical counselor will review your HRT program with you, and will assist you in obtaining all of the necessary medications, refills, and follow-ups.


Atlantic Rejuvenation