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Equinox Gyms New York City
Personal Training is more than a series of one-on-one sessions. At Equinox Gyms in New York City, Personal Training is a physical, psychological and emotional experience where you first increase your level of base conditioning before progressing to increase physical and cognitive skills.

Every training program is customized to address your unique fitness profile, enabling you to increase your fitness level as defined in partnership with your trainer. You’ll not only feel more powerful, you’ll be empowered to do more – and be more.

In addition to its regular clubs, Equinox operates two special clubs in New York and California. Equinox offers a "spa" environment (and spa services), four tiers of personal training and yoga/Pilates classes.

Some Equinox clubs provide the use of its Kids' Club service, in which members are able to bring young children to the club and leave them under the supervision of kid-friendly associates while exercising. Members are allowed to leave young children for a maximum of 2-hours per day. This service is separate from the month-to-month contract.

Some Equinox clubs have cafes run by Elixir Juice Bar.

There are four distinct levels of Personal Trainers available, corresponding to the Trainer's educational and experiential accomplishments. Each higher level charges a higher per-session rate.

Please note that Mark's List is not recommending any Equinox Gym as a Gay, Lesbian or LGBT gym or suggesting that any Equinox Gym is Gay. Equinox Gyms are simply good places to work out; you can draw your own conclusions about the clientele or staff!

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