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Dr. Moises Irizarry


Dr. Moises IrizarryDr. Moises Irizarry is a sports medicine doctor with Mercy Hospital. spoke with Dr. Irizarry to find out how he got started and to find out more about his practice. 

JOML: How did you get involved in Sports Medicine?
Dr. Moises Irizarry: Since my early days my entire family has been involved in sports in one way or another. Being exposed to the sporting environment and having started my career in medicine, it was only natural that I would select Sports Medicine as my main focus.

How long have you been with Mercy Hospital?

Mercy HospitalI have been involved with Mercy Hospital since August 2009. Prior to that I was practicing at Holy Cross Hospital in Fort Lauderdale.

Are you originally from here? If not, where are you from?

No, I am not local. I was born and raised in Puerto Rico until my arrival in 2006.

What injuries do you deal with the most?

Sports Medicine is a misleading name. It should be known as Musculoskeletal Medicine. However, since we are the ones who focus on athletes the name is what we all know. Sports Medicine encompasses a broad area of study. We focus on treating anywhere from muscle and joint pains, strains and sprains. Osteoarthritis, weight management, improved sports performance, exercise prescriptions and muscle mass gain. Sports hernias, groin strains, lower back injuries, and regular medical disorders in those who exercise.
Have you ever treated any famous athletes?

Yes I have, however, due to HIPAA I cannot mention any names.

What advice do you give patients?

It is important to note that in many ways an athlete's (or active person's) body adapts differently to common conditions. Therefore, treatment options may vary from that used by the general populace. It is not only imperative to know what side effects can people suffer from medication usage, but how can a medication/foodstuff affect physical performance. Don't just 'wait out' injuries.

How are you different from other Sports Medicine doctors?

Although not exclusive to them, I allocate a lot of time to working with the GLBTQ community, volunteering in many local and international events, from the Gay Rodeo to the Gay Games. I dedicate as much time as I need to my patients. Education and rapport is key. You tell us what your goal is, from getting back to normal to participating in a triathlon, we'll help you get there. 


Dr. Moises Irizarry
Sports Medicine

3641 S. Miami Ave. Suite 170

Miami, FL 33133


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