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Prosthetic Creations Ad 


Prosthetic Creations

Breasts for Drag Queens. transvestites and Cross Dressers

Prosthetic Creations has been creating world class breast prostheses for multiple markets including mastectomy, theatrical, costume, etc. for 10 years.  All our breast forms are "hand" made using the latest in silicone technology.  Each form is created using medical grade silicone which eliminates skin reactions seen with latex and non-platinum silicones.  Utilizing a revolutionary "foaming" process developed by Prosthetic Creations there is never any worry about "rupturing" the form or handling the form with caution.  Each form is extremely durable and will provide years of satisfactory wear with proper care. 


  • Durable; will not leak even if punctured or cut
  • Lightweight, stays in place
  • Unique inner air chamber makes form "cooler" to wear due to ventilating effect.
  • Can be worn in the pool or hot tub
  • Available in several shapes, sizes, styles and colors
  • Nipple styles available form "very" protrusive to very nearly smooth.
  • Custom chest fitting forms also available