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Isometrics, Work Out to Perfection
Your Measure of Success
by Tom Bonanti

Donít let crowded gyms and crazy schedules drive you batty this Winter Party. You can still get pumped and primed and it only takes a few short minutes a day. This week, Markís List Magazine and Trainer Tom are your guides to a routine that you can do in your hotel room or on the beach. Itís called isometrics and itís a sure fire way to get those muscles pumped in as little time as it takes you to slither into or out of your Speedo! 

 Isometric exercise is defined as muscles working against a static resistance (a wall, a tree, or even another muscle group), expending energy but not moving. Muscle strength and power increase as muscles contract. The great thing about isometrics is that itís resistance training without weights. All you need is that great body of yours because opposing muscle groups do the work. 

Perform each exercise slowly and intently. Build tension gradually and do only 3 reps of each exercise at a time. 

 Isometrics can give you a great ass without doing a single lunge. Simply stand with hands behind head, and clench your butt cheeks together as tightly as possible. Hold for a few seconds, then slowly release tension.

You can do these bi and tri exercises anywhere, even in line waiting for a cocktail! First, pump those biceps. Stand with the left arm bent at 90 degree angle, hand fisted, and the right hand grasping the left wrist. As the left arm pushes up, the right hand pushed down. Hold for a few seconds, then slowly release tension and switch arm positions to work the right bicep.

To work triceps, stand with the left arm bent, hand fisted. Grasp the left wrist with the right hand and push up as the left arm presses down. Hold for a few seconds, then slowly release tension as you swap arm positions to work the right triceps.

For boulder shoulders, stand by an immovable object like a wall or a tree. Step forward and lean on the surface with arms straight. Push against surface with your hands keeping your arms straight for a few seconds then slowly release tension.

Pump your pectorals by standing with palms against each other in front of the chest, elbows out. Press palms together with equal force. Hold for a few seconds then slowly release tension.

Tom Bonanti is a certified personal trainer and owner of Pump'N, Inc Gym in Fort Lauderdale he can be reached at TrainerTomB@aol.com
Attack your back by sitting on the ground with your left leg straight out. Raise and bend the right leg and grasp the flexed right foot with both hands. Pull the foot back as it presses outward. Hold for a few seconds, then slowly release tension and change leg positions to work the other side.

Combine these isometrics with push-ups, crunches, lunges and chin-ups and youíll have a mighty pump in no time! Leave the crowded sweaty gyms to the muscle-heads. Youíve got more important things to do this Winter PartyÖlike being fabulous!