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Fresh, Fit and Healthy Fitness  

Workouts Demand Your Total Attention

Avoid Making Technical Mistakes


By Tom Bonanti


Every time I hit the gym I see certain things that really bug me. Iím basically a patient guy, but a few of these items need to be mentioned from time to time because they are mistakes that could affect you and your workouts.

Donít ditch free weights for machines. Sure, there are pros and cons for each. Machines are easy to adjust, you canít drop them and for the most part, you can zip from station to station quickly. But free weights give you more freedom and versatility. You can work more muscle groups, burn more calories, and increase flexibility with free weights more than with variable resistance machines. Make free weights the center of your workouts and add machines to isolate those areas which need a little extra attention. Free weights require more exertion and planning, but isnít that why itís called working out?

Donít jerk the weights. Using proper form for each rep of each set is much more important than trying to break weight lifting records every time you lift. If you increase your weights by 3 to 5 percent every two to three months or so, you are doing fine and making progress. Donít hurry through your sets, and take your time and make each rep count. Paying attention to good form allows you to feel your muscle fibers contracting and stretching as they work. Jerking weights and hurrying through sets is a recipe for injury and injuries mean set backs and unwanted time off.

Donít gobble protein bars and guzzle sports drinks during your workouts. Most guys arenít running a marathon or working out intensely for more than two hours. These are the situations where you need some extra calories during exercise. Save your bars for before or especially after workouts. Sports drinks, as a rule, contain far more sugar than you need. Water is your best bet before, during and after gym time.

Donít put off your workouts. Your sessions which should include cardiovascular training, weights and stretching, are important preventative measures you are taking today to avoid health problems and expensive health care costs in the future. Be consistent with your workouts and you will see and feel results as quickly as today! Donít cancel workouts because you are too busy, too tired or lack motivation. The old saying, ďIíll think about it tomorrowĒ, may have suited lovely Scarlett OíHara, but it wonít work for a big you. Get your ass into the gym. No excuses.

Donít multi-task at the gym. When you workout make sure to give it your all. Know what you intend to accomplish before you go through the front door. Keep track of your progress in a notebook. Pay attention to the tasks at hand Ė doing your cardio, lifting weights, and stretching. Texting, talking on the phone and cruising all have their place, but when youíre at the gym, workout! Remember also that the gym is a public place, you donít own it, so be considerate and donít hog up machines or hover at stations just so that you can text or take a call.

Your workouts are an important investment in yourself. Make each moment productive. Hereís to a happier, healthier, hunkier you!


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