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Fresh, Fit and Healthy Fitness  

Work Time Work Outs

By Tom Bonanti



Spring Break is upon us in South Florida. Whether you’re off on a cruise to some exotic tropical paradise or just staying here in sunny South Florida, warmer weather means less clothes and more time to strut your body at the beach, on deck, or poolside. The only trouble is that all winter, spring, summer and fall, your job keeps demanding more of your time – time you’d rather spend in the gym.


On those days when deadlines, long hours, and demanding bosses keep you from getting to the gym you can still get in a workout right there in the office. Here are some super exercises that you can do on break or between meetings. These must-do moves will help you to get in a pump and burn a few calories until you can get to the gym.


The squat is the best exercise for your lower body, especially your butt. Stand tall with your feet approximately two feet apart, toes pointed slightly outward. Bend your knees until your thighs are nearly parallel to the floor. Hold for four deep breaths then gradually stand back up to starting position. Repeat 15 to 20 times. Keep your back straight, hands on your hips and look straight ahead keeping your chin slightly upward. To make this exercise harder, add weight by holding a couple of large books. Follow each set of squats with high kicks. Lean over a bench or chair, steady yourself on one foot and kick up and out as high as you can with the other leg for 15 to 20 reps then change sides.  These are great butt shapers.


Push Ups are dynamite exercises for the entire upper body, especially your chest. For a bigger, harder chest, boulder shoulders and pumped biceps and triceps do your push ups daily. Bend your elbows and place your palms on the floor a bit to the side and in front of the shoulders. Straighten your arms and lift your body to balance on palms and toes. Bend your elbows to lower your body 3 to 4 inches. Press back up to start. Repeat 10 to 15 times. For variation  try a set with your arms out as wide as you can, then do a set with arms shoulder width apart, then bring your arms in as close as you can. This will allow you to target and isolate the muscle groups of the upper body.


Criss-cross crunches will not only give you awesome abs, but they challenge all aspects of the core at once. Lie on a towel or a small exercise mat (you can store one under your desk) with your left knee bent towards your chest and right leg extended up off the floor. Place your hands behind your head to cradle your neck and head. Never pull on them. Curl head, neck and shoulders up off the floor. Rotate from the middle so that your right shoulder is pointing toward your left knee. Hold one breath then slowly rotate to the other side by bending the right knee and extending the left leg as the left elbow moves to the right knee. Continue alternating to complete the set. Repeat 10 to 15 times on each side.


Try this routine in the morning before you get to the office. Then find an uncluttered place at work to do it on your lunch break. Bust up the afternoon doldrums by doing it again on days when you can’t get to the gym.


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