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Relax With a Spa Day at Home



By Tom Bonanti



Unfortunately, life seems to be getting more stressful  all the time! Whether you’re multi-tasking like a maniac at work, or agonizing daily over rising gasoline prices and the crappy economy, you can often feel desperate, depressed and depleted. If your present budget won’t allow you a day away at one of the luxurious day spas advertized in this publication, you can have a fully recharging “Day at the Spa” right at home.

Make sure to prepare for your special day. Tell everyone that you simply will not be available. Grocery shop and buy things you can eat without cooking, unless you find cooking relaxing and enjoyable. Fruits and vegetables, whole wheat crackers, or a whole grain bread and herbal teas should work fine. Get a facial mud pack (any inexpensive brand at the grocery store), lavender or eucalyptus oil (you may need to go to a health food store for these), and some Epsom salts. Keep some calming music handy, but no TV.                  (photo courtesy of ripplemassage.com.au)

On your spa day, try to remove yourself from stresses that daily bombard you and sap your sanity. No clocks or watches, no computers, no cell phones or Blackberries and by all means, stay home and out of noisy, chaotic, traffic. Remember, silence is golden. Learn to treasure and embrace it and you’ll soon luxuriate in its restorative effects on your body and soul.

Begin your spa day by awakening naturally. Yawn, stretch, and ponder your dreams. Make a smoothie or enjoy some fresh bread and fruit for breakfast. Don’t do anything else while you eat. Pretend multi-tasking was never invented. Commit to making this your day – for once it is “all about you”!

After you eat, have a good stretching session. No noisy gym on this day. Instead, lie on the floor, and stretch your entire body, pointing your toes outward and reaching your hands above your head. Then stretch each part of your body slowly. Stretching just for the sake of it is highly relaxing and invigorating. You might find it becomes a good morning habit.

Spend time outdoors. Get in touch with the simple, uncomplicated beauty of nature. If possible, have a meditation session outside. Sitting or lying comfortably, take several deep breaths. Imagine parts of your body and tell them to relax one by one – from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Continue breathing in a steady rhythm. Just relax and don’t use this time to dwell on cares or problems. If they arise, slowly put them aside and concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing.

After a nature walk or a light nap get your facial mud pack and treat yourself to a facial. Follow this with a luxurious bubble bath. Pour in several drops of the eucalyptus or lavender oil and add into the bath the instructed amount of Epsom salts. As you soak, massage your scalp, feet, hands, shoulders or any other part of your body that needs release and relaxation!

During the day, eat whenever you like. Do not be tempted to check e-mail or give into pesky distractions. Stay off line and for once try to stay disconnected to the crazy world around you.  Put the office, household chores, even the gym, on hold as you focus upon yourself, one need, one thought at a time.


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