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Gym Etiquette Goes Hand in Hand With Working Out


By Tom Bonanti



Last week I was downing a post workout smoothie with my friend, Ricardo when the subject of gym etiquette came up in conversation. Between the two of us we have 110 years of experience working out in probably fifty different gyms. As we reminisced, our talk became more heated as the topics changed from blasting our biceps to the need for some sort of code of gym conduct to prevent some of the awful things we’ve seen  over the years.


A gym is not just a place where YOU go to work out . The gym is a great social outlet for people of all ages and backgrounds to go to exercise and relieve stress. As such, there are some basic and oh so essential rules of gym etiquette that I feel I must review.


First, remember that you are not the only one in the gym. If you have to carry around your cell phone, put it on vibrate and when you get a call take it outside or somewhere where you don’t have to share it with the rest of us! Speaking of not sharing, keep a towel with you to wipe down equipment after using it. No one wants to workout in a puddle of your bodily fluids.


Secondly, the gym is not your private space.  This means that you should not push in front of others to get to equipment. Rack free weights once you have finished your sets. Don’t linger at stations while you talk on the phone or waste time. Others are waiting patiently. I was once in a gym where a female bodybuilder of note was working out.  Her ego was bigger than her breast implants! This behemoth pushed and shoved in front of others to hog the weights and monopolized 2 and 3 pieces of equipment at a time. What a gross turn-off.


A simple “Excuse me…” or “Pardon me, are you using those weights?” is so much nicer and than a primal grunt and a shove from behind.  Don’t forget basic kindness and manners. You expect them from others, why not let others learn from your good example?


Another basic rule of gym etiquette has to do with personal hygiene. Primal man scent may flip your switch at Ramrod, but three day body odor is not acceptable anywhere. Showers can be used both before and after a workout. If your jock can stand up on its own in your locker, then its time to do laundry. Yes, real men bathe, wear deoderant  and wash their gym clothes.


While I’m on this tirade of discussing personal hygiene let me say a word to those phantoms of the locker room who refuse to flush their mess and those who spit, hock and dispose of their gum in the drinking fountains.  Get with the human race. Learn to flush the toilet! Stop using the drinking fountain as your personal waste receptacle! And while we’re at it, the locker room is no place to trim your toe-nails, shave your head, or iron your clothes. These are tasks to do at home not in a public place.


Finally, let me say a word or two about something that really irks me. The locker room and showers are not your private areas to carry on sexually with yourself or with others. It is illegal, and furthermore you are putting your club and others in jeopardy for all kinds of trouble. Stop it now!


Well, I’ve gotten some things off my chest. For me, and many others, the gym is a way of life. With a few basic rules of etiquette, a little consideration and some politeness, the gym can be a great place for all of us to workout, unwind and socialize.


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