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Forced Repetitions

Maximize Muscles



By Tom Bonanti



Two heads are better than one. And four hands are better than two. Thatís the logic behind forced repetitions. You are used to working out hard on your own. With the right training partner you can do even more. Mentally you can psych each other up to reach new heights of size and strength. Physically you keep each other safe as you lift heavier weights.

Simple spotting is more for safety than anything else. Probably the best partner training strategy is forced repetitions. This technique is based on the principle that when you lift weights, the final few repetitions are the most beneficial because you must summon all your energy to pump those already tired muscles. While one guy lifts the weights, the partner places his hands in position to help him crank out one or two more reps he couldnít have completed on his own. If youíve got a trainer or workout buddy you can count on, try these forced repetition exercises a few times a month. Donít overdo it or youíll over train and burn out.

Barbell squats are perhaps the best overall weight training exercise for all muscle groups of the body, especially lower body, glutes, quads and hamstrings. Grasp a barbell across your upper back with feet shoulder width apart. Lower until your thighs are almost parallel to the floor, pause, then rise to starting position. At the end of a set of about 10 reps, have your partner stand behind you with his hands around your torso as he helps you to do two more reps.

When performing heavy barbell bench presses it is always advisable to have a spotter. To perform forced reps, lie face up on the bench, grasp a barbell with arms bent at 90 degree angles. Press it overhead, pause, and then return it to starting position. At the end of the set have your partner stand over you as he helps you raise and lower the bar for a couple more reps.

Partial barbell curls will build those biceps peaks. Grasp an EZ curl bar with arms bent at 90 degree angles. Curl it up until biceps meet forearms, pause, then lower to starting position. As you conclude the set have your partner face you and help you raise and lower the bar for those last two decisive reps.

Triceps skull crushers sound evil. They are. Lie face up on a bench grasp an EZ curl bar at arms length over the chest. Lower it to just above the forehead, pause, then, return to starting position. At the end of your set have your partner help you to squeeze out those two extra reps that will have those triceps burning for sure.

Pull ups are great for widening the upper back to achieve the ďVĒ shape torso that is so attractive on any guy. Grasp a secure overhead bar and pull yourself up so that your chin is even with your hands, pause, then lower in a controlled manner. At the end of the set have your partner grasp your feet and ankles to help you do one or two forced repetitions.

Forced repetitions can be implemented into any weight training regime and used with any exercise. Just be sure that you have a reliable, attentive partner. Donít do forced repetitions more than a couple of times every month. That way youíll get the increased size and strength you want without the perils of overtraining.


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