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Looking to Supplement?

Why You May Need Them

By Tom Bonanti


SupplementingYou workout hard, do your cardio like a soldier, and watch your nutrition to the last calorie and gram of protein, but you still canít seem to make the gains you desire. Donít despairóyouíre on the right track; all you may need is the right supplementation.

In this area there are countless self-appointed gurus Ė the muscle rags, pro-bodybuilders and the hot muscle dude in the nutrition store with the great guns Ė but few possess the knowledge and the expertise needed to guide you to healthy, successful results. Remember, just because the ad for some pill, powder or goop has some hot muscle guy promoting it, doesnít mean that it is safe or effective for you.

When seeking advice on any supplementation program, always consult your physician first. State certified nutritionists and certified personal trainers can be great resources for knowledge as well, but only after youíve checked things out with your doctor.

While Mark Magazine canít tell you exactly what to take to become big, buff, hard and healthy, we can give you some pretty good reasons why you may need to supplement.
1. Poor Digestion: Even when food intake is adequate, inefficient digestion can limit your bodyís uptake of vitamins. Chew your food properly and donít eat so fast.
2. Alcohol: Drinking too much greatly affects availability, absorption and metabolism of nutrients, thus the need for supplements. You can train like a Spartan all week, but one weekend of debauchery, booze, drugs and food can set you back unless you fortify yourself with the right combo of rest and supplementation.
3. Smoking: Smoking is also an irritant to the digestive tract and increases the metabolism requirements for B-group vitamins as well as vitamins A and C.
4. Processed Foods: Foods that are frozen, overcooked and over processed may be lacking in vital minerals and vitamins commonly found in fresh, natural foods. Junk foods and fast foods are the main culprits here.
5. Antibiotics: Some antibiotics, although valuable in fighting infections also fight off friendly bacteria in your gut, which normally allow B-group vitamins to be absorbed through the intestinal walls.
6. Stress: Chemical, physical and emotional stress can increase the bodyís requirements for vitamins B and C. Air pollution increases the requirements for Vitamin E. Stress can wear you down and kill you if you donít fight it with rest, good nutrition and supplementation.
7. Bad Eating Habits: Not eating enough throughout the day, binging on one big meal late in the day, yo-yo dieting and countless other bad habits can result in more body fat, poor metabolism and a myriad of other health problems.
8. Aging: Like it or not, you are getting older, bitch! Admit your age and the fact that your diet and exercise regime need to change as your body ages and changes.
9. Bio-Individuality: There are wide fluctuations in individual nutrient requirements among people depending upon age, gender, weight, type of occupation, etc.
10. Working Out: Your workouts affect your need for protein as well as for the B-group of vitamins, vitamin C and iron. To supplement or not to supplement, that is the question. Consult your doctor and do your research for the answer to this timely question. Enjoy your gains and remember they require time, hard work, rest and the right nutrition and supplements.
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