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Fresh, Fit and Healthy Fitness  
More Sex and Live Longer!

Six Ways Sex Supercharges your Health … Here’s to Having More Sex!

by Tom Bonanti


Hitting the sack is a miraculous thing. There are two things you can do in it that restores your body, mind and soul. Sleep is one of them. The other bedtime activity is a lot more interesting: sex. Most guys spend at least half their lives dreaming about it, pursuing it, and hopefully having it! Stress and strain, busy work and social schedules, and other worries can often cause you to put it off, postpone it or develop a sick headache.


Here are 6 good reasons you shouldn’t shelve sex. Not only does it feel good, it actually benefits your health.


Sexual Fitness  1. Sex burns calories. No, not as many as running a marathon, but having sex regularly, say twice or three times a week can burn as much as 10,000 calories a year. That’s equivalent to running 100 miles. Wouldn’t you rather work up a sweat this way than on a jogging trail?!

  2. Sex boosts your levels of endorphins and enkephalines – feel good hormones you get when you take a nice jog of have a good workout. No wonder sex can be addictive.

  3. Sex relieves stress. The next time you have a crappy day, instead of thinking, “I’m too tired,” go ahead and have sex. You’ll be surprised at how great you and your partner will feel afterward. Alone? No problem, slip in that favorite porn DVD and fast forward to that special segment that always makes you pop. Masturbation is rejuvenating and a hell of a lot more fun than playing solitaire or knitting.

  4. Sex revs up your testosterone levels – as does any vigorous physical activity. So if you are dedicated to pumping iron and doing regular cardio, sex is a great accompaniment to your physical lifestyle. Increasing  natural testosterone levels helps build solid bones and healthy, hard muscles in men, and it can boost interest in sex as well. Testosterone is also a corticosteroid – a substance that reduces pain and inflammation in all areas of the body. Yep, having more sex is a natural pain killer, too!

  5. Sex keeps the prostate healthy. The cause of many prostate problems is that fluids in the prostate gland aren’t emptied regularly. A nice big orgasm benefits your prostate. Not only is your penis rock-hard, but the base of those muscles surrounding the prostate gland are rock hard as well. They squeeze at a rapid rate during orgasm, pushing out all those fluids. Even “getting off” once a week can benefit your prostate immensely.

  6. Sex helps you sleep better. With all of the physical activity as well as the physical and psychological release that comes with having sex, who needs a sleeping pill? Sleep like a baby, grab your baby and head for the bedroom…