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Fresh, Fit and Healthy Fitness  

Midsection Perfection

A Surefire Strategy for Rock Hard Abs!

By Tom Bonanti


Midsection PerfectionWhether your body is long and lithe, or built like a muscle tank, you must admit that having a hard cut midsection is hot, desirable and essential if you’re going to flaunt that shape in public. What if I told you that there are three easy components to getting really great abs? Well, they’re not so easy, but these three elements go hand in hand and you cannot separate them if you want an overall strategy for midsection perfection.

First, eat a low fat diet. Cut out all junk food and processed foods from your diet. Eat five or six smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Never starve yourself thinking that you’ll makeup for the previous days’ binging, because your body will only store more fat this way. What you eat will show up on your midsection sooner or later. And yes, cut your drinking because more booze means more empty calories and more calories translate into a nasty muffin top before you know it. Drink more water when you go out and get your ass off that barstool and circulate!

Secondly, you must do your cardio work regularly and efficiently. Guys often feel that if they’re doing abdominal and oblique exercises alone, they’re slimming their waists. But they are only building those muscles under a layer of stubborn fat. If you have a regular 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. job where you’re basically sedentary, then you probably need to do cardio at least twice a week for 30 to 40 minutes – longer sessions and more frequently depending upon how overweight you are and how much time you spend on your fanny all day long.

Thirdly, whether you do crunches or bent-knee situps, there are five commandments that I always teach my clients if they want leaner, stronger abdominals.

1) Looks aren’t everything! While strong, tight abdominals sure are sexy to look at, there is an even greater advantage to having them. The abs serve as a core for other muscle groups and you rely upon them for so many other motions – lifting, swinging, bending over, pushing and swinging and just about every sexual position you can dream up!
2) Form is important when doing ab exercises, but so is quantity.
3) Machines and fancy ab devices are better than nothing, but these can’t beat do-it-yourself floor work when it comes to tightening, toning and defining a beautiful six pack.
Fresh Fit and Healthy 4) Yes, you can do abs everyday, unlike other major muscle groups, but it never hurts to give them a day off once or twice a week.
5) Mix things up. Diversity is the key to challenging and shocking those muscles to grow – it will also keep you from getting bored. Crunch with the exercise ball, do standing crunches, cross crunches and bent-knee lifts. You can even do a sort of crunch seated at your work desk. The key is just work your abs consistently and efficiently if you want to achieve the results you’re craving!