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A Perfect Summer Activity : Learning to Chill
Learning to Chillby Tom Bonanti



Anxiety, stress and tension are factors of modern life that are here to stay. Unless you’re dead or living under a rock, you’ve got to deal with them or they’ll eat you alive.


Bad stresses include loss of a job, the death of a loved one, a relationship break-up and they can wreak havoc on body and soul. Yet, good stresses, i.e. a job promotion, moving to a different location, and a new boyfriend can be equally as trying. The wear and tear on you can include serious hormonal changes which may result in tension headaches, digestive problems, ulcers, acne and premature hair loss.


Some stress adds color and excitement to life. Yet, there are certain events which, by themselves or collectively can cause pressure to such a degree that you are susceptible to stress-related illnesses or accidental injuries now or in the near future.


Here are a few questions for you:


- Have you experienced the death of a parent, partner, or someone close to you?

- Have you been hospitalized or treated for a serious illness?

- Have you lost your job or experienced financial distress?

- Have you separated from, or ended a relationship with a significant person in your life?

- Have you changed jobs, or homes, or moved to another city?

- Are you having trouble in your sex life?


If you answered “yes” to several of these questions you may be more stressed than you think. Don’t despair, the following few steps may help you to chill, relax, and certainly live longer.


Relaxation is a way of life. We all need schedules, work and commitments, but we also need to unwind, relax and chill. Working out is a great way to blow-off steam and a fitness lifestyle of exercise and good nutrition can help you  look and feel like a million bucks. Cultivate a new hobby. Try a new sport as long as it’s fun! Learn to quiet down  and meditate. Enjoy and relax with friends who appreciate you and crave your companionship.


Learn to say “no”. A very common cause of stress is taking on too much at work and in your social commitments. Everyone has their limits. Overloading yourself and multi-tasking can make you tired, cranky and resentful. A simple “no” can save you from all of this undue aggravation.


Remember the importance of sleep. A simple uninterrupted night’s sleep can help you feel recharged and rejuvenated the next day. Eight to ten hours of quality sleep is the recommended dosage for people who are busy and committed. Don’t short change yourself in this area or eventually you’ll feel like a bleary eyed rat in a maze.


Relax! Learn to chill. Enjoy yourself and don’t let stress take you to the mat.