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Jumpstart The New Year

Healthy Habits 2011

By Tom Bonanti



As 2010 winds down and 2011 yawns before us, why not boost your chances of living a happy, healthy life by adopting some new habits? Sure, quitting smoking, cutting back on internet hook-ups, and eating less junk food are cool places to start, but instead of dwelling on doing without, why not accentuate the positive. So hereís to the New Year and a happier, more youthful new you!


Healthy Habit #1: Eat a Healthy Breakfast - Breakfast eaters are champions of good health. Research shows people who have a morning meal tend to take in more vitamins and minerals, and less fat and bad cholesterol. The result is a leaner body, mountains of energy, lower cholesterol count and less chance of over-eating. The Mayo Clinic (prestigious!) recommends eating a variety of foods (steel cut oatmeal, whole grain toast, yogurt, fresh fruit) rich in protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.


Healthy Habit #2: Add Fish and Omega-3 Fatty Acids to Your Diet - Besides being a great source of protein and a food relatively low in saturated fat, fish has Omega-3 fatty acids which have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. Fish such as mackerel, lake trout, salmon and albacore tuna are common sources of Omega-3ís. Foods like tofu, soybeans, canola, walnuts and almonds contain substances easily converted to Omega-3ís in the body.


Healthy Habit #3: Get Some Sleep - Getting seven to 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep is essential to your physical and mental health. Besides making you cranky and exhausted, other symptoms of poor sleep or lack of sleep can be depression, memory loss, migraine headaches, weight gain and paranoia. So why not relax, take a load off and hit the sack early?


Healthy Habit #4: Exercise for Better Health - Itís a given that physical activity has a bounty of benefits, so why are 60% of all Americans sitting on their fat behinds? Regular exercise (anaerobic weight training and aerobic cardio training) helps control weight, maintains healthy bones, muscles and joints, reduces the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes and death from heart disease. Besides these bonuses, exercise is the only way to get a tight, toned body.


Healthy Habit #5: Protect Your Skin - Your skin begins to age the moment you are born, so the best way to protect it and look younger is to stay out of the sun. In order to avoid some of the sunís harmful ultraviolet rays, which can cause wrinkles and skin cancer, observe the following: always wear sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher; wear a hat and other protective clothing; donít deliberately sun-bathe; avoid sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Healthy Habit #6: Snack Healthy and Often Remember to eat frequently throughout the day, several small meals consisting of a 3-2-1 ratio of carbs, protein and healthy fats. Avoid monster meals especially late in the day. Eat several servings of fruit and vegetables early in the day. Make sure to eat protein after your workouts, which facilitates muscle recovery and growth. Never eat before going to bed or youíll store fat for sure. Healthy Habit #7: Make a Plan and Stick To It Eating healthy never happens by accident, neither do effective workouts, skin protection, weight loss, and healthy teeth, etc. Anything in life thatís worthwhile demands planning and dedication. Design a plan, set goals, gauge your progressÖ and enjoy your success in 2011.

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