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Fresh, Fit and Healthy Fitness  

Get Moving!

Workouts You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere

By Tom Bonanti


FitnessWhether you work out of your home, chained all day to a computer, or spend nine hours and then some at the office, your work schedule can be a real bitch. Add to this the upcoming holiday season with all of its stress and extra commitments and your fitness regime is bound to suffer. Donít give in and give up and gain weight! Bring your exercise routine to work. Calisthenics are nothing new and you can do them at or beside your desk Ė or in the break room. Who knows, maybe youíll even start a fitness craze with your co-workers!

You may not be able to get the gym to do cable flies and dumbbell chest presses, but you can pump-up and build flexibility in your shoulders, chest and arms with push-ups. Lie face down on the ground, with bent arms supporting your body. Proceed to push up to arms length. Pause, then lower to starting position. Perform 20 repetitions. In order to target chest, do a set of push-ups with your arms out as far as possible. Shoulders and biceps are especially worked when you do push-ups with your arms set at about shoulder width apart. Try targeting triceps by bringing arms in as close as possible with elbows facing outward. Do 20 reps of each of these push-ups and youíll feel a great upper body pump!

Build flexibility in your back with toe touches. Stand with legs together and arms overhead. Proceed to bend over carefully and extend fingers to toes. Pause, then, rise to starting position. Perform 20 repetitions. Add a little extra resistance to this exercise by holding a small weight or a couple of books overhead while performing it.

Of course, crunches are excellent for working abdominals and core, but add bent knee leg lifts to your repertoire and youíre bound to have a six pack Ė as long as you curtail visits to the vending machines. Lie face up with legs together and the upper body raised supporting the forearms. Proceed to raise the right leg up. Pause, then lower and raise the left leg. Perform 20 alternating repetitions with each leg.

Work core muscles, especially obliques, with side bends. Stand with the right hand behind the head and the left hand on the left thigh. Proceed to bend to the left, lowering the left hand down the thigh. Pause, then rise to starting position. Perform 20 repetitions then switch hand positions for another set bending to the right.

Nothing tightens, tones and builds glutes like lunges. You can do stationary lunges or you can lunge during break time back and forth across a parking lot or up and down a corridor. Hell, these will help build your ass better than scarfing down a doughnut during coffee break! Here is a variation on a lunge Ė alternate jumps. Stand with hands behind the head. Proceed to jump up and extend one leg in front of the other. Then jump and switch leg positions. Perform 20 alternating repetitions with each leg forward. This routine can be performed at work easily several times throughout the day. It is also a great warm-up routine in the morning before you shower and hit the road. Exercise is easy, no excuses! Get up! Get moving! Itís contagious
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