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Fight Fat Forever!

Haven't You Had Enough?

By Tom Bonanti



In the best of all possible worlds you could take a pill, chug a potion or perform an exercise that would rid you of those love-handles and cellulite saddle bags. Unfortunately life is a bitch and the old adage “once on the lips, twice on the hips,” is a stark reality. Look in the mirror.

There is no magic elixir for fat loss. A sensible diet, eating smaller meals spaced throughout the day, consistent exercise, cutting down on alcohol, adequate hydration and getting sufficient amounts of sleep all play a pivotal role in how much fat your body stores or burns. As far as supplementation goes, it has been shown that green tea burns fat. Caffeine-containing botanicals including coffee, guarana, yerba mate, and kola nut seem to stimulate fat loss by revving up your metabolism and decreasing your appetite. All of these are found in foods and sold over the counter.

If you have tried all of the above, but you are still feeling frustrated, you can go to just about any nutrition store and spend considerable bucks on fat fighting supplements. But before you fork over your hard earned cash, let me tell you about a few foods and supplements that aren’t commonly thought about in terms of weight loss. Chances are you are probably have many of these items handy.

The Vitamin C tablets are not just dynamite ammo for your immune system, they can also help you become a lean, mean fat fighting machine. The closer you come to at least meeting the daily recommended intakes for Vitamin C, the less likely it is that your body will store fat. Vitamin C helps you to burn fat and expend more calories during moderate to high intensity exercise. Because exercise increases your normal requirements for Vitamin C, people with marginal Vitamin C stores should aim for several times the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA).

Calcium is the most abundant element in the human body and it is necessary for maintaining strong bones. But calcium and Vitamin D are not only essential to healthy bones and teeth, they may help you keep a trim middle as well. While a lot of dieters shun dairy products (perfect sources of calcium and Vitamin D), an ever increasing body of research suggests that dairy consumption in moderation can streamline your midsection.

So you’re out of your 30 day supply of $79.95 superduper fat burner capsules! You might want to replace them with a healthier, lower cost alternative, namely fish oil soft gel tabs. Fish oil has been shown to benefit cardio vascular health by lowering your LDL (bad cholesterol) and raising your HDL (good cholesterol). In addition, fish oil cuts ugly body fat. Omega-3 rich fish oil along with moderate exercise has been shown to cut those fatal sugar cravings.

If ever there was a miracle substance to help burn fat and fight aging, it would have to be glutamine. This is one of the 11 non-essential amino acids. Non-essential does not mean that it is not important, but rather the body can produce this amino acid itself. Glutamine promotes the assimilation of nutrients, regulates protein synthesis, stimulates growth hormone production and enhances the immune system. Glutamine supplementation after an intense workout helps recovery, eliminates delayed onset of muscle soreness and helps you to continue to burn fat long after you leave the gym.

Working out, daily stress at work and home, and the whole drama that is your life makes supplementation a must. As with any supplement, it is essential that you first consult your doctor.


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