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The Immaculate Collection: Buenos Aires

by Paul Rubio
Buenos Aries Aregentina Gay and Lesbian Travel


Gay and Lesbian Travel Paul RubioBuenos Aries Gay TravelThe European architecture, rich cultural offerings, and affluence that characterized Buenos Aires during its Renaissance years circa early 1900s rightfully branded the city, Paris of the Southern Hemisphere. For the first half of the 20th century, Buenos Aires shined as an epicenter of opulence in a gargantuan landmass extending from the icy periphery of Antarctica to the lush mountains of the sub-equator and the barren lands of Patagonia. Despite decades of dramatic economic cycles, political turmoil, and devastating currency devaluation in 2001, the posh neighborhood, Recoleta, prevails unscathed. Recoleta remains the hub of high society, home to the classical French and Spanish buildings that bestow Buenos Aires with its European flair, flavored by the city’s wildly growing gay population.  It is here where visitors find the world’s most visually stunning cemetery and the majority of upscale accommodations. In fact, within a few short blocks lay three of the world’s finest hotels, each fabulously unique in approach and design, all resplendent in style and sophistication. These hotels comprise an Immaculate Collection, suiting the tastes and the whims of the most discerning travelers.


Palacio Duhau - Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

It is all too often that hotels feel the need to embellish their products, styles, and amenities to lure customers. The crown jewel of Buenos Aires, Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, needs no romanticizing. The unparalleled attention to detail, the perfection of style, and the fluidity of flawless service astound unsuspecting patrons.  Palacio Duhau will impress the most stoical of hotel connoisseurs, and leave a mental mark as a hotel experience of a lifetime.


The brand-wide motto “luxury is personal” triumphs in all aspects of service and guest interactions. A gay couple can enjoy champagne or diet coke in polos and capri pants adjacent to formal businessmen without snickers or glares. The hotel’s trendy yet informal approach stymies peer pressure for couture and erudite conversation, almost a prerequisite at other hotels of this stature. The refined yet down-to- earth approach is a breath of fresh air in the stuffy world of 5 stars.


A tradition/modernity marriage made in heaven, guests can choose between dissimilar accommodations across the property’s city block - in the classic Palacio Duhau itself or the hotel’s contemporary building, joined together by an expansive and illustrious urban garden. This verdant piece of paradise flaunts perfectly manicured hedges and ascending white umbrellas and couches between two architectural masterpieces, with ample seating areas and people-watching opportunities. The gardens divide the hotel’s 150 plus rooms/suites and prolific public areas, with the stunning crystal room, classic library, Cigar bar (constructed from a disassembled 16th century Normandy castle) and wine and cheese bar (with over 7000 wine bottles and 45 different cheeses) in the old wing; the gallery space (Paseo de los Artes), flower shop, Gioia Restaurant and Terraces, the 25 meter indoor lap pool, and phenomenal spa in the new wing. 


Both buildings posses bespoke lobbies. Marble floors, high ceilings and pillars adorn the palace; stone floors and stainless steel accents define the modern tower’s entrance.  The oversized rooms, technologically fierce and furnished to the nines, feature bathrooms and closest spaces fit for royalty and divas. The complimentary 24-hour butler service is the final touch to the finest service I have encountered in my career to date. (Avenida Alvear 1661, Buenos Aires, +54 11 5171 1234,


Alvear Palace

Those keen on formality, tradition, and majesty will achieve nirvana at Alvear Palace, a long-standing favorite of Travel & Leisure magazine, Conde Nast magazine, and global bourgeoisie. This is the place where politicians make decisions over coffee, visiting celebrities interact with heads of state at teatime, and casual visitors attempt to camouflage into the French palace theme. The museum-like qualities of the Louis XV inspired lobby and hallways, the august rooms (replete with high ceilings, soft lighting, fresh cut flowers, and a continuation of the Louis XV/XIV French décor) and the staff to guest ratio (2:1) dutifully distinguish the hotel as a repeat entry to global Top 10 lists.  Most recently, Alvear Palace has stepped up its game with a new state-of-the-art spa and heated indoor pool, reached trough a passageway to the adjacent building. (Avenida Alvear 1891, Buenos Aires, +54 11 4808 2100,


Algodon Mansion

BA’ s newest addition to the luxury collection, Algodon Mansion, fills the niche for exclusive intimacy and bantam predispositions. The ten-room mansion has been restored to its original 1912 Argentinean Renaissance grandeur complemented by modern accents and feats of design and elegance such as a rooftop waterfall that cascades through all five levels of the estate, delicately spilling onto the floors of the immaculate lobby. The regal suites juxtapose a dozen shades of coffees and browns through layers of custom-made furnishings, accessories, and artwork. The colossal marble-clad bathrooms boast wide, open spaces; equipped with Jacuzzis, rain showers comfortably fitting a dozen people, and enough room for your favorite mirror-front acrobatic tricks. (1647 Montevideo (between Guido and Quintana), Buenos Aires, +54 11 3530 7777,


Live Like a Local….

In the likely event that you fall in love with Buenos Aires - its architecture, its gay scene or its intoxicating vibe - the gay owned and operated Vacation Rental Argentina specializes in multiple day to multiple week rentals in modern apartment buildings throughout Recoleta. Visitors can live the local lifestyle in comfortable BA pads, all with the amenities of high-end apartment buildings. Vacation Rental Argentina offers options to suite all tastes and budgets (+54 11 5368 1717,

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