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gay xxx porn video dvd college cocks 2 steve hunt lucio maverick rod stevens tim blackIf muscular college men are more your type than twinky frat boys, check out this campus romp, College Cocks 2. The dudes are a little older and a lot hunkier than in typical college porn. Maybe thatís why their sex scenes sizzle so.

gay xxx porn video dvd college cocks 2 At the intimate all-male campus with plush lawns and patches of woods, no one has trouble filling the gaps between classes, mostly by filling one anotherís hungry holes. The fun begins in a hall bathroom where Tim Black and Rod Stevens linger at adjacent urinals for a few too many extra shakes of their hard-ons and Black shoves Stevens against the wall to go down on his boner. Their cocksucking and flip-flop fuck ratchet up the temperature in the already warm dorm. On the lawn, meanwhile, the sight of Steve Hunt, settled against a tree studying, stirs horny Lucio Maverick to unbridled man heat, and they get naked for a hip-pumping fuck fest with Maverick topping. Impromptu quickies like that are more the rule than the exception.

Another one brings together bad boy twins, Alex and Ian Lynch, with beefy hunk Rick Bauer. Alex and Bauer are doing the nasty right out in the open when Ian wanders by and dives in. Bauer enjoys every minute of the tag team fucking, especially when he has their matched set of cocks filling him at each end.

The indoor frolics are just as hot. Two scenes are set in bedrooms, where we witness the classic rite of passage from roomies to fuck buddies. Cutie pie Sanjoy offers up his perky butt to satisfy the considerable sexual appetites of Chris Hacker and Geoffrey Garcia. Watch for Garciaís amazing triple cum shot while Hackerís big prick is stuffed up his ass. Also not to be missed is the slam-bang finale featuring hotties Flavio Valentino and Rogerio Matteo. They sneak from their rooms for a
midnight snack thinking theyíve eluded muscle man Fred Fele on duty at the front desk. Fele makes the rounds with a flashlight and confronts them in the middle of their blow job in the kitchen. Heís way too horny to lower the boom, though, watching Matteo poke Valentinoís hairy ass then helping himself to the same hole and punctuating his ass-pounding fuck with animal grunts. College Cocks 2 brings together some of Eastern Europeís best looking studs for a groin-stirring lesson on avoiding the all-work-and-no-play pitfalls of campus life.