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Tony Tripoli Comes to South Florida.
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Comedian Tony Tripoli

Have You 'Sh*t' Your Pants Lately?


By Troy Maillis


Mark's List VIP Offer

Saturday evening's 9 PM performance - mention Mark's List VIP when ordering tickets and anyone who pre-books the show will receive a complementary glass of wine or a beer and Tony will be available for a meet and greet in the theater immediately following the show. 

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Price: $20
(954) 647-2409
23 NW 5th St.
Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
Show Times
Friday, Dec. 17th - 8 p.m.
Saturday, Dec. 18th - 7 & 9 p.m.
Sunday, Dec. 19th - 7 p.m.
Comedian/Actor Tony Tripoli, who has shared on-screen laughs with household firecrackers such as Kathy Griffin, Charlie Sheen and Bo Derek, is everything you want in a comedian and more. And he will make sure you know it! Andrews Living Arts and 4 The Sea Productions present “Tony Tripoli: I Sh*t My Pants!” (An Evening of Sophisticated Stand-Up) from December 17-19 in Fort Lauderdale. In addition to stand up he currently writes jokes for “Fashion Police” with Joan Rivers. Tony joked with Mark Magazine about his upcoming show and why you will ‘sh*t’ your pants.

MARK: You have a show coming up in Fort Lauderdale next week. Can you talk about the show and what we can expect?

TONY: I am very excited. It’s going to be a really fun time. The show is called “Tony Tripoli: I Sh*t My Pants!” It’s practically and operetta. It’s just embarrassing, true tales of disasters happening in my life. I will say things that are so shocking and so ‘inside’ Hollywood. It’s my story of a single 40 year old gay guy living in West Hollywood.

When did you know that comedy was your thing? Was it something that you always knew you wanted to do or did it just happen?

I think it happened in a way similar to a lot of other comics. I was always a pain in the ass and I just found a way to make money off of it. One of the things that’s wonderful about me is I have opinions about everything regardless of whether I know anything about that topic. Since I was little, I have always been a mouthy person. I was that kid in the grocery store who would see a handicapped person and yell, “Hey look at that retarded person.” Basically I’m still doing that. Now it’s just my job.

Tony TripoliHave you always been an openly gay comedian & actor? Were there any obstacles as a result?

I’ve always been completely openly gay and out of the closet. Let’s be honest, I didn’t have a lot of other choices. From across the room no one is going to think I’m a lumberjack. My television agents know not to submit me for any commercials or sitcoms unless the role is a gay role. With straight roles, I spend the whole time trying not to “walk that way” or “talk that way” and it takes all the fun out of it. There is a lot of bullshit you have to go through to actually get to perform, but once you are finally performing that’s the good part. So to do something that will take the fun out of it— why would you do that to yourself?

Do you think that it is possible for gay actors to pull of straight roles believably?

Of course. You just have to be different than me— you have to be talented. If the actor is actually good, then that’s the job to pretend to be things that you are not. Whether it’s a murderer or a straight married person [to me those are one in the same]; A sociopath or a heterosexual [same damn difference]. I’m not going be able to convincingly play either; I’m not very good at. I stick to what I know best—complaining.

Tony TripoliWhat has it been like working with Kathy Griffin and Joan Rivers? Have they taught you a lot in your own career?

Kathy Griffin and I worked together and were best friends for about 10 years. There were times we would sit around and watch television and throw jokes around. I would eventually hear some of the jokes when she would perform, and I would remember back to when that funny joke or story was created in the room. It was thrilling. That was enough for me, and I never thought I would do stand-up myself; but my mom kept insisting that I should do it. I eventually did one night of stand-up at a benefit just so I could call my mother and say, “Look, I’m finally going to do stand-up.” My whole family flew in to watch me tell my story, and I thought that would be it. But when I walked off stage that night, I thought that it was the most fun I’d ever had. When you are doing stand-up, an editor, director, writer or producer can’t come in a change anything and take out the parts you like. You as the stand-up comedian becomes all of those roles. That kind of control is thrilling for someone who is pushy like me. It was the greatest thing. I hate to admit it, but my mother was right. I’ve been doing stand-up ever since.

How does it work on a show like “Fashion Police,” and what other projects are you working on moving into 2011?

With “Fashion Police” it’s a conversation between four people: Giuliana Rancic, George Kotsiopoulos, Kelly Osbourne and comedy legend Joan Rivers. It’s like Joan is hosting a little cocktail party. There are a few of us who write jokes for Joan the night before the show. We all sit around and laugh and laugh and laugh; and Joan laughs harder than anyone. Joan and I eventually go through the jokes and rank them based on what that show has time for. While the show is happening, I help guide her on how many jokes she can tell. One of the most amazing things I can tell you about Joan is that she is one the most generous audience members. She absolutely wants to be knocked off of her chair with laughter. She loves when someone else is on a roll and being hilarious. She’s a delight in every possible way. I have big plans with Joan for 2011 and will be opening for her on the road.

You can check out tonytripoli.com for all of the details.  

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