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Alexsander Freitas Talks Trendy Awards

by Troy Maillis

While movie stars shine at the Oscars and the newest singing sensations grace the Grammys, adult film stars have the Trendy Awards to showcase the biggest stars in the business and all of their talents. The Trendy Awards, now in its second year, is a more fun-filled environment much like the MTV Movie Awards where the fans get to decide the winner.  Voting lasts through midnight on May 27. Alexsander Freitas, who is nominated for four Trendy Awards (Performer of the Year, Best Sex Scene, Best Porn Star Blog and Best Uncut Cock), recently spoke with Mark’s List about his nominations, working on adult films and some of his favorite costars. 

You are nominated for four Trendy Awards this year. How do you feel about your nominations?  Which one do you hope to win the most?

I'm very happy to be nominated in four categories. Last year I won Best Newcomer, so these four nominations are showing that my fans are still supporting me, and I couldn't be happier. This year started great for me—I won in the “Best and Biggest Badass” category at the TLA Gay Awards. My scene in Adrenaline won best ‘threeway’ and was also nominated for this year’s Grabby Awards.

Were you surprised by any of your nominations? 

I'm always surprised when I get nominated for awards, because it's such a huge industry with many amazing models. It's nice to feel that the industry keeps an eye on me and the fans keep nominating me. This gives me more energy, and I can't wait to make more and more movies to please my fans. I was very surprised to see I'm nominated in the “Best Uncut Cock” category, because the other nominees’ cocks are bigger than mine. But if they like it then cool—I’m happy to hear that!

Speaking of your nomination for Best Sex Scene, what has been your favorite sex scene to shoot?

My scene in Brutal is one of my favorites. Draven Torres was a great partner, we had a great time on set and the scene is very aggressive and intense. People talked a lot about our scene when the movies came out. Adrenaline (Mustang Studios) also has a special place in my heart as it was my very first sex shoot. I met Spencer Reed, who I became very good friends with. Major Asshole (Hot House) was also fun to shoot—Craig  Reynolds is a sexy beast. He is big, muscular and can take power fucking! The director let us do what we wanted to do. The only bad thing about this scene is that I had pain in my abs for a week, because we were punching a lot during the scene, but it was fun!

You are a model as well as a fitness trainer.  Was performing in adult films a natural progression?  Were you nervous your first time?

I've always wanted to do porn, so I knew in time I would have the opportunity to shoot movies. I started bodybuilding when I was 18, so modeling was not a new thing for me. In 2009, one of my photographer friends contacted me and asked me if I wanted to do a solo video for his website and thought I would give it a try.  Of course I was a bit nervous, but I got used to the cameras. I was more nervous before my first sex shoot, but the crew was very laid back and friendly, so after a few hours I was good.

Do you think being an adult film star has helped you gain more clients as a fitness trainer? Do you get recognized at the gym?

Yes, many people recognize me—at the gym, on the street, at the airports, restaurants, everywhere. It was strange at the beginning, but I really like when people come to me to say hello or ask for workout tips. I like talking to my fans and getting to know them. That's why I created my blog (, so I can keep in touch with them. 

What is your favorite part about performing in adult films?  Do you have any co-stars you prefer to work with?

My favorite part about making movies? That's any easy question—I get to meet the sexiest guys and have sex with them! Of course, making movies is not as easy as it seems. We often shoot for five to sever hours and have to stay hard the whole time. But I can't complain, I really like what I do. If I didn't like it I wouldn't make movies. My favorite scene partners have been Spencer Reed, Craig Reynolds, Angelo Marconi, Dean Monroe and Phillip Aubrey, but I can say that I've always had great scene partners.

Is there anything you wouldn’t do in a scene?

Hmm...I'm a real top and I won't bottom anytime soon, and I'm not into very nasty things.  I enjoy everything from simple sex to pissing, fisting and soft S&M. Also I wouldn't do bareback sex—safe only.

Who are some of the adult film actors you would like to work with?

I'd love to shoot with my buddy Alessio Romero, Adam Champ, Francois Sagat, Jonathan Agassi, Heath Jordan, Francesco D'Macho, Drew Cutler, Damien Crosse, and I hope I get to shoot with Spencer Reed and Angelo Marconi again in the future.

What are you hoping for when you meet a scene partner for the first time? What’s your favorite part of the male body?

My favorite body part is the ass, but when I meet with my scene partner the whole package is important. Good looks are just one thing and don’t make a model a great scene partner. The guy has to be professional and just friendly. Usually, I meet my scene partners before the shoot and we have a little time to talk and get to know each other. This way we can be more relaxed when the cameras are rolling.

Are you single or in a relationship?  Would you date another adult film star?

I'm single and I really enjoy it. Dating another porn star is a difficult situation. Jealousy is always there and can end the relationship. I've seen many porn couples brake up and I only know a few that are still together—for example Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey or Adam Champ and Carlo Masi. I don’t think I would date another porn star, but anything can happen. When I feel the butterflies, I'm sure I won't say no.

What is your advice for anyone hoping to break into the industry? 

You really have to know you want to start doing porn, because once you get filmed there is no turning back. The video will be posted on the Internet and people from all over the world will see you having sex. Your friends or family may find the video or pictures, so you have to be sure you want to do this. It's also good to know a few guys from the industry to help you contact the studios. Self-marketing is also very important, because, unless you sign with an agency, there will be no one advertising you.

What is next on your agenda?  Do you have any new videos coming out soon and what can we look forward to?

I will shoot for some studios in the upcoming months, but I can't tell anything specific right now. I'm also working on my own Web studio, which will launch soon. I'm very excited about this project; it is my baby, and I can't wait to show it to the world. I showed a preview to some of my fans and friends and I got great feedback from everybody. I'm still shooting content for the site, and I was in NYC last month and shot a very hot video with one of my fans. I am also going to the Grabby Awards and IML, which will be held in Chicago on May 28th May, so feel free to come and say hi.

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