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Manny Roman Talks Birthday Bash at Score

International fashion photographer Manny Roman is celebrating his birthday at Score in Miami on Friday, July 20th in sizzlin' South Florida style.  Surrounded by a digital collection of several of his sexiest images, guests can expect to rub elbows with Miami’s elite and party to the sounds of DJ Willy G. Manny recently spoke with Mark’s List about his upcoming birthday, surprise appearances and how he’s only gotten better with age.


Photo by Manny Roman

You are celebrating your birthday at Score on Friday, July 20. Do you think you’ve only gotten better with age?

Yes, but not just with age. I've become a better person, friend, artist, and partner through the life experiences I've had.

There will be a digital display of your images during the event. Did you have a hand in choosing the images? Do you have a specific theme you are trying to convey?

I selected the images along with my publicist. We wanted to show sexy images of gorgeous people to tie in with The Penny Back Boyz and Score’s "Filthy Gorgeous" theme.

Will there be any surprise appearances at the event? Who are you bringing?

The surprise guest is one of my best friends, Sheena Sakai, who will be coming to Miami for the event. The boys love her from "America's Next Top Model: All Stars." Also, my buddy Glenn Packard will be stopping by, and I will be bringing my fiancée Xavier and great friend Lourdes. I am hoping to see a lot of my Miami friends.

Photo by Manny Roman

Do you think getting older is a scary thought in the world of sexy gay men?

It depends on the person and their character. I know many men who are obsessed with going to the gym, getting pumped for social events, and posting their almost X rated photos on their social networks in hopes of keeping strangers interested just to feel sexy. They are the ones who should be scared as looks fade with time. Most of them will be left pondering the should've, could've, and would've. As I've grown older, I've gained more knowledge on many things that interest me, learned the ability to forgive, and to receive and give unconditional love. I am one of the lucky ones who has found a partner who thinks those qualities are sexy.

What will you wish for when you blow out the candles?

If I tell you, then it won't come true [laughs].

What makes a good birthday celebration as an adult?

Getting together with family and friends; to look back and be grateful for all that you have experienced. Be it good, bad, or indifferent, your experiences have led you to another year of greatness to look forward to.

What are some of the projects you are currently working on?

There are several exciting projects that I can't comment on just yet. For now you can check out the following publications I shot out this month: Issue #14 of HUF Magazine featuring "America's Next Top Model Teyona Asia Anderson," The SUMMER 2012 Issue of ROUGE China "HEAT WAVE" fashion editorial featuring Varsha Thapa, Miami Sun Post Swim Week Special COVER featuring Spanish Model Agueda Lopez out this week, and be sure to check out the August Cover of "SELECTA Magazine" that will be released the last week of July featuring "Celebrity Apprentice" star Dayana Mendoza.

Photo by Manny Roman

Photographer Manny Roman
A Look Through His Lens

By Troy Maillis

Herb Ritts. Annie Leibovitz. Steven Meisel.  We’ve all heard their names and can recall the sexy, iconic pieces of art each has captured through the camera lens.  South Florida native, Manny Roman, has aspirations of being one of the new ‘it’ photographers of our time.  With an impressive portfolio of celebrities and fashion magazines, Manny is quickly expanding his talents and becoming one of Florida’s rising stars. Mark Magazine caught up with Manny to discuss his photographic style, artistic passion and future endeavors. 


Has photography always been a passion on yours? When did you first realize that photography is what you wanted to do as a career?


Photography is definitely one of my passions. When I was 14 years old I met famed photographer Antoine Verglas while he was shooting Niki Taylor in Miami. On his break, I was bold enough to approach Antoine to ask him about his career. Antoine was very nice and gave me great advice.


Manny RomanDid growing up in South Florida inspire the kinds of photos you wanted to capture and what are the other inspirations behind your photography? 


Growing up in South Florida definitely inspired my photographic style. I grew up looking at the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues and I took those inspirations to the beaches of South Beach with my then muses Carol & Darlene Bernaola. Location and subjects still play a big part in inspiring me to ‘edge it up’ in my photos.

What is your favorite thing to photograph and why? 


Bringing out the essence in the people that I photograph is key in my work. I always look for that extra something: mood in their eyes, body language, and location is a plus in order for the image to reflect a story and grab your interest. 

Manny RomanWhat has been your most memorable shoot and what stands out about it? Any cat fights on set? 


The favorite shoot so far is the BOLD Editorial I shot for Fantastics Magazine with Krista White, current winner of America's Next Top Model in New York City. Everyone on set was amazing, but Krista was definitely had that wow-factor. There were no cat fights on that set—just a lot of laughs. I have had my share of divas on set, but they get served and the shoot goes on [lol]. 

What publications have you shot photos for and who do you hope to shoot for in the future?


I have shot for Night, ELLE Portugal, Z!NK, Fantastics, OHLALA, and Latino Boys to name a few. I aspire to shoot for Vanity Fair, Italian VOGUE with Monica Bellucci (Gosh I love her), and to book the Calvin Klein Campaign.  


What are your ultimate goals and aspirations as a photographer, and do you have any upcoming projects in the near future? 


My ultimate career goal would be to get booked to photograph the Pirelli Calendar. I am currently working on a Tell-All Documentary about Models and the real journey to reach the top; a reality show may be in the works, and possibly exhibiting during Art Basel in Miami this December. There is a lot more that I can't reveal just yet but be sure to keep your eye on me.