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"The Art of Capturing Alluring Images"

Meet The Artist Reception

May 14 - 7 to 10 p.m.

Dennis Dean Galleries

2440-B Wilton Drive (Second Floor)

Wilton Manors, Fl. 33305

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"The Art of Capturing Alluring Images"
Photographer Gio Spano Talks New Exhibit

by Troy Maillis

Photographer Gio Spano's exhibit, "The Art of Capturing Alluring Images," is being displayed at Dennis Dean's Gallery in Fort Lauderdale from May through June. There will be a meet the artist reception on Friday, Saturday May 14 from 7 to 10 p.m. Gio Spano ( recently spoke with Mark's List about the upcoming exhibit.

“The Art of Capturing Alluring Images” is coming to Dennis Dean’s Gallery.  What makes an image alluring?

To me an image is alluring when it speaks to the viewer and evokes emotion.

What are some of your favorite pieces in the exhibit?

It is very difficult to select a favorite piece for me because in a way they are all my favorites.  For this show, I am exhibiting 19 limited edition images.  But, if I were held to the fire and had to pick one, I would have to say the centerpiece image of this show entitled "OCEAN DREAM" would be my pick.  This was shot at John Lloyd State Park with model Chris Rockway (Right) lying in the surf break on his back.  The image looks like there is a blanket covering half his body and the blanket is the ocean wave embracing him.  Chris was such a trooper during this shoot because in order to get this image, we had to shoot it multiple times and he would get a face full of water every time we took a shot.  The outcome was fantastic though.

What is the overall concept of the exhibit?  Do you want to convey a specific message or feeling?

I would say the overall concept of this exhibit is to celebrate the magnificence of the male form in photography.  As for a message or feeling, that is more difficult to answer because my goal is create imagery that speaks to the viewer and what that image says is different for each person viewing it.

How would you describe your style as an artist/photographer?

My style is clean and simple.  When shooting outside I prefer to use natural light and when shooting in the studio I prefer to use simple light setups. I love to use light to enhance the model and often play with shadows in my images. Many of the images in this show were shot with a single light source or natural light outside. I do not use a lot of post production tricks in my images, rather I let the image/model/subject speak for itself.  To be honest, I just do not have the patience to spend hours manipulating an image in Photoshop.  For the most part, I prefer to display the image as it was shot.  That is not to say I do not do some basic editing like color correction or remove a blemish from time to time. Some of the pieces in this show were edited slightly. 

What was most exciting about shooting these pieces?

For me the most exciting thing about creating this work was the collaboration process I had with all the models.  For example, Francois Sagat (left) and I spent a couple days prior to the shoot discussing different concepts before we both decided on what we would shoot.  Once the model and I have decided what and where we are going to shoot, the real fun begins.  The actual shooting process for me is the most enjoyable part for me.  I love when it all comes together and that "ah-ha" moment happens when the model and I both know we created something very cool. When the model gets super excited about what we have shot is pure magic for me.

Do you have a specific type of model you like to work with?

I prefer to work with models who are 100% comfortable within their skin.  Much of my work involves models wearing very little (if any) clothing and that can be scary and daunting for some. Basically, the guy needs to be confident without being arrogant, cocky or conceited.  I work with models between the ages of 18 and 80, and I find beauty in everyone that comes before my lens.  

Do you have a favorite part of the male body that you like to shoot? 

You would be surprised, but for me it is the eyes!  The model can have the most amazing physique and if his eyes are dull and lifeless, so is the image.  The eyes must convey some kind of mood in order for me to feel good about an image.  Even if the models eyes are not looking directly into the camera, they must still convey something.  I have shot a few models that had flawless bodies, but their eyes were vacant and dull - those images will never be published or seen because they convey nothing to me.

What are some of your upcoming projects?

I have an Editorial Layout and Cover for the June 19th Issue of BeautifulMag ( featuring real life porn star couple Samuel Colt and Chris Porter.  I am also working on a coffee table book that I hope to have completed by the fall of this year.  Additionally, a gallery in Tampa will be taking this show in the fall and a couple other galleries have expressed interest as well.

More about Gio Spano

Gio Spano (Right) has quickly become one of the most sought after photographers working in the areas of Fine Art, Commercial, Erotic, Fashion and Physique.  At the ripe old age of 10, he was given his first camera by a family friend who worked as a professional photographer.  From that day forward, he was hooked and has enjoyed taking photos ever since.  Photography came naturally to him and for the majority of his adult life he pursued  it as a hobby. He never dreamed he could make a living doing what he enjoys most.  With the exception of  two college photography classes, he is self taught and tells people that "it is within the mistakes I have made that some of the most amazing things have happened."

He has spent his entire professional career working in the Entertainment industry. He started his career as an Actor/Model and then went on to become a Writer, Producer, Director, and Corporate Executive.  Several years ago he decided it was time to pursue his true passion in life and he traded in his suit and tie for his camera and flash.  "I am never happier than I am when capturing an alluring image of someone or something." 

In the mid-90's he had the great opportunity of living and working in Italy for a period of time.  He credits this time of his life as the inspirational period that instigated his passion for capturing images of the human body.  He was captivated by the beauty of the magnificent imagery of the human form in sculpture and art throughout Italy. "The ancient Greeks and Romans were not ashamed to show the splendor of the nude body in all manifestations of their art."  Upon returning to America, he began seeking every opportunity possible to photograph people who were not ashamed of their bodies.  As such, his artistic nudes and physique images are his true passion.

He is a proud member of Professional Photographers of America. Gio’s approach with each image is to not only capture a moment in time, but to create a story within that moment. All his shoots are done with the utmost professionalism and Gio prefers to collaborate with each model that shoots with him.

Gio’s work has been featured in magazines such as DNA, Playgirl, Pulp, Men's Fitness, HotSpots, 411, FreshMen, MEN, Unzipped, TETU, BeautifulMag and many more. His work is also featured in the 2010 anthology book BEAUTIFUL VISION published by Bruno Gmunder and he is currently working on his own book with an anticipated release in the winter of 2011.

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