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Martha Wash
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Martha Wash Talks Fortitude Performance

By Troy Maillis


Martha Wash was originally part of the group the Weathergirls with whom she recorded the gay anthem "It's Raining Men." She also sang with Sylvester, Black Box and Two Tons O' Fun. Wash is a popular star within the gay community and continues to record new music including, "You Lift Me Up" - a fusion of gospel and house, which was the first song produced on her own label, Purple Rose Records. Wash performed in the opening ceremony of the World's first OutGames in Montreal in July 2006. She has also performed at numerous Human Rights Campaign events in the United States. 

Fortitude is a new GLBT benefit weekend featuring over 12 events throughout Fort Lauderdale during Presidentís Day Weekend (February 17 -21, 2011).  Fortitude includes a film festival, comedy night, live concert, Womenís and Menís pool parties, sunset cocktails, brunch, and nightclub/bar events. Martha Wash is one of the premiere performers at FORTROCKS, an incredible One-Night Only concert also featuring Deborah Cox, Taylor Dayne, Ari Gold, Halcyon, Brian Kent and surprise guest performances at War Memorial Auditorium located at 800 NE 8th St in Fort Lauderdale. FORTROCKS is Sunday, February 20 from 6:30 to 9 p.m. Martha Wash talked to Mark's List about the upcoming show:

What does it mean to you to be a part of Fortitude Weekend?

I'm just honored that they asked me to be a part of Fortitude Weekend. 

What is the most important thing to you about participating in an event like this and what kind of message do you want to send?

What is important to me is that everyone comes out so we can raise a lot of money for these organizations.

What are you hoping the audience takes away from your performance and the event as a whole?

I'm hoping that everyone enjoys all of the performers who will be there, and that the whole weekend is a smashing success.

Do you think events like this spread a more positive message about HIV/AIDS to the general public? How do you think the public's image about HIV/AIDS has changed over the last few decades? 

I think the general public has become much more aware of HIV/AIDS through all medias now.  Decades ago, it was a death sentence.  Now you can live and live a meaningful life (if you choose) with medications.  Some patients might say it's not much of a life taking so much medicine, but you know the alternative!

Will you be a part of future Fortitude Events?

I would be happy to support Fortitude Events.

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