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Lori Michaels (photo by Rula Kanawati)
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Lori Michaels Talks Winter Music Conference 
Plus, See What's Next For The Performer
by Troy Maillis

Singer and performer Lori Michaels is set to perform and debut her new single “Tattletale” in Miami at the Winter Music Conference from March 8-13. In addition to her performances in Miami, Lori is also making a celebrity guest appearance on March 10 with Pandora Events at Mova and will also make another special guest appearance at Pride. Lori wrote and produced the new country/pop song “Ride It Like A Cowgirl” currently available on iTunes.  The song, performed by Naked Cowgirl Cindy Fox, promises to make you get up and dance like you did to “Macarena,” “Achy Breaky Heart,” and “The Electric Slide,” Stay tuned for the video and catch the new dance craze that could quite possibly sweep the nation.  Lori Michaels recently spoke with Mark’s List about her upcoming performances, “Out” performers and what’s next in her career.


("Tattletale" cover courtesy of Aggressive Promotions)

You’re performing a new single at Winter Music Conference in Miami.  Can you tell us about the single and what fans can expect?


First off, I'm very excited to be back in Florida. This is my first time performing at Winter Music Conference. For me, the main WMC official event is happening at Lords South Beach on March 9th to debut my new single "Tattletale." Since the success surrounding my song "Rebound" (hitting Top 15 on Billboard's Dance/Club Play chart and having such incredible remixes & still having such a great time with that song performing it & hearing it played) I think if you are a fan, "Tattletale" can easily be added to your dance favorites. We're starting off with the release of just the single for this song, with remixes to follow. 


When you are performing at events, what do you want the audience to take away from the experience?  Are you trying to send a message?


It depends on the event. Obviously, I hope the audience enjoys the music, but it has always been more than that for me; and from the feedback I receive, it seems like audiences can relate to the songs and enjoy the live performances as well. I am a seasoned performer and I have always enjoyed blending the entertainment aspect with other elements as well; to move people & to affect people in different ways.


For someone who has never heard you perform, how would you describe your style?


My style varies depending on my mood and the venue/type of event. I have upbeat, dance shows with "Me & The Girls" (which is usually a festival or club show favorite) and I have low key piano/vocal shows that usually require a box of tissues for the audience and for me as well. 


How important is it to promote Marriage Equality through your music and performances?


I promote a lot of causes. I started my own non-profit organization years ago and the music & our performances/presentations have been a big part of all that I do. I believe in equality. I believe in marriage equality. I believe in love.


How do you think society has changed in terms of accepting “out” performers?


For sure we've all come a long way. And, let's face it: there are quite a few "out" performers who are simply FAB-U-LOUS. Period. 


Are you still performing at the OUT Music Awards this spring?


"Rebound" is officially nominated for OUTstanding dance song and I was also asked to perform for the Melissa Etheridge tribute. 


What has been most exciting about your career thus far, and what can we expect from Lori Michaels in the future?


It's been a "wild ride" for me and that's what I think keeps things exciting. 2010 was a big year-if you take a "real close" look at all that I had really going on (international shows, a marriage equality campaign & other efforts with my non-profit organization Reach Out, Inc., starting my own record label & having my first song on Billboard's Dance/Club play chart, a groundbreaking girl-on-girl duet with Bravo’s former castmate of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” and appearances/shows/media madness surrounding all that. I'm just grateful to have a good jump on 2011and I'm looking forward to the projects that I'm working on. I'm a "do it all, all the time" type of girl and it should be no surprise that it's going to be more music, more shows, more good stuff...and yes, probably a bit more mania as well.


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