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Kimberly Davis
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Do The Twist
Kimberly Davis Talks New Single
by Will Davis
Move over Chubby Checker, there’s a new twist in town. Kimberly Davis’s “Twist of Love” is the sexually charged dance anthem of the season and if you miss Davis perform it at The Manor on Saturday March 13th, you can catch her the next day when she performs it again at Ft Lauderdale Pride. We spoke with Kimberly and the man who wrote the song – only a gay man could have written, Twist of Love – about their whirl-a-licious track that is spinning gay dance floors into a tizzy.  


Why did you decide to record "Twist of Love"?

Kimberly Davis: I love the song and it gave me a chance to deliver a full blooded diva anthem.

Why is Twist of Love the perfect follow-up to your last celebratory anthem, Get Up?

Get Up was about partying and enjoying life to the fullest while Twist of Love is a celebration of body, mind and soul wrapped around that crazy little thing called love.

Have you ever experienced a twist of love?

Who me? Oh yes, I have definitely experienced a ‘twist of love’ in my life… and that’s all I’m gonna say about that!

How does your twist compare with Chubby Checker’s Twist songs?

I am hoping my record will be the ‘twist’ track for the twenty-first century.

One thing they have in common is they encourage people to move. That seems to be a prevailing theme in your music.

It’s important that people get out there on the dance floor and express themselves through movement. I love to see people dancing to my tracks. Watching how the music makes them dance and experience a sense of freedom and unity. That’s what music and dance is all about.

This is your second song with D1 Music. Why are independent dance music labels vital for today’s dance community?

Independent dance labels are more in touch with what is happening in the dance music scene. My producers, Peter McLean and Keith Kemper, know the music, the DJs, the promoters, the clubs and the people that go to the clubs – because they are them. Fans need to support the indies so guys like Peter and Keith can continue creating the great dance music we love.  


What inspired you to write Twist of Love?

Peter McClean: All those late night yearnings when I’ve reached for the phone to beg someone to come over and work me to the bone.

What exactly is a “Twist of Love”?

It’s the primal quest for ultimate sexual gratification. When the sweat is sizzling on your skin and you’re desperate for someone to take control of you. Every muscle is in rebellion, every nerve is on edge and every limb has been erotically burned.

How often have you experienced a twist of love?

Once or twice.

Why did you choose Kimberly to record the track?

Keith (Kemper) and I chose Kimberly because she has the voice to relate that “twist of love” feeling to the song and the listener. Kimberly is an amazing artist with sensational vocal power. In the studio, she places her trust and talent in our hands to allow us to create musical magic.

Can you explain your love for dance music?

The dance floor is a place for freedom, truth and liberation. It’s an especially amazing feeling to be in a packed club with the whole dance floor jumping to your track.

What’s next from D1 Music?

We are wrapping up on Kimberly’s full-length album, due out this summer, and we’re preparing to record a hot new single with Taborah to follow last summer’s Billboard hit, “Say I Love You”.


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