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    A Q & A with Vegas Dion 
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Vegas Dion
Vegas Dion 
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Vegas Dion Celebrates in Style

By Troy Maillis


Vegas Dion, who has been known to shake up the gay nightlife in Miami, earned the title as “South Florida’s Nightlife Diva.” She has gone on to win several pageants such as Miss Noche Latina, Miss Florida Continental, Miss New York Continental, Miss Key West, Miss Pridefest South Florida, Miss Orlando Latina, Miss Fort Lauderdale Icon, Miss Fort Lauderdale and many more. She has worked all over the state of Florida in clubs such as University Club in Gainesville, Revolution and Parliament House in Orlando, The Galley in Naples, Twist, Score, Mansion, Coliseum, Sugar, Discotekka, Elements, O’Zone, Oxygen, Voodoo Lounge, Jetset, Purgatory, and many others. Vegas is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and advertising and is in the process of getting her master’s degree in education. She is currently one of the General Managers of Discotekka, and is the hostess of their extremely popular Saturday nights. She is celebrating her birthday with a party at Discotekka in Miami on Saturday, September 18. Remember that “what happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas!” Vegas caught up with Mark Magazine to talk about the upcoming festivities.

What can we expect this year at your birthday extravaganza? Tons of surprises and giveaways. We are celebrating all Virgos, so this is a special party.

What are you looking forward to most about your birthday? Are you expecting any special presents? I’m looking forward to the presents of course and a fabulous cake! I love sweets! My darling boys from Living Room and Score are always present, and many colleagues and dear friends come out to celebrate with me. This is what I cherish the most about birthday celebrations: the love you receive from special people that truly care about you. I'm expecting my sister TP Lords to have a sickening production [lol].

Vegas DionWhat do you think about getting older and where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? Do you want to continue to celebrate your birthday at Discotekka?

You know, getting older is a beautiful thing. You are able to see the all the shades of the colors of the world, the beautiful ones and the not so pretty ones. Five years ago I never thought I would be where I am now; and 10 years ago I knew I wanted to get to where I am now, but never expected it to be so fast. I can’t say where I see myself in five or 10 years from now, but one thing is sure: I will keep celebrating life!

Do you think the gay community fears getting older? I think everyone does. Everybody fears the unknown. We all know we are getting old, but we don't know how to approach it. It's fun to see everybody dealing with their age drama every year. I'll quote my dear friend Electra: "You can't beat it, so join it!”

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you on your birthday? Ugh., some hurricane years ago terrorizing South Florida. Isn't that strange?

What is your ultimate birthday experience or birthday party fantasy? Sky diving in full drag, drinking champagne and having a fierce photo shoot...all of it at the same time! I'm just kidding [lol]. Cruise to Alaska is the right answer!