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The Best of Unitard 
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Unitard Comedy: New and Abused

Unitard, the wildly twisted, brilliantly outspoken, hilariously, tested, ready, now comedy group from NYC returns to Ptown! The Unitards (Mike Albo, Nora Burns and David Ilku) are back and tardier than ever with their brand new line-up of outrageous, biting, farcical sketches and monologues. Making mockery of the mundane and fools of the fabulous, the Unitards will have you spitting up your cocktail as they skewer everything from Hessian Housewives and Artisanal Cheese to Gratuitous Gay Dads and Bad Baby Sitters. Wednesday, Aug 29 at 10:00 p.m. at Enzo's, Provincetown, MA. Price: $20. Phone: (917) 607-0680.
The Best of Unitard: Nora Burns, David Ilku & Mike Albo
Andrews Living Arts Studio and 4 The Sea Productions Present:
The Best of Unitard
. The wildly twisted, brilliantly outspoken, hilariously fecund tested, ready, now comedy trio comes to Fort Lauderdale Jan 20- 23rd at 8 p.m. as part of the ALA Comedy Series. Tickets are $25.00 and available by calling 954-647-2409.

Coming to the rescue in this time of turmoil, like cash for your clunkers or extra-pure heroin, the Unitards: Mike Albo (of the Underminer), Nora Burns (the Nellie Olesons) and David Ilku (the Duelling Bankheads) will bail you out of your dreary little lives with an evening of humor, wit, song and sarcasm. Spanning the gamut from Vampires to Emo Boys, Bad mothers to Burlesque, Homos to Hindus, and Dungeons to DUMBO, their latest show promises to be brilliant, bawdy and, of course, hilarious. Skewering everything from pop-culture to politics and pornography, this NY-based comedy group now comes to dazzle
Fort Lauderdale. The three members of the group recently dished about the upcoming show, the group dynamic and what itís like to be funny as hell:

Can you describe the show and/or your character? 

Mike Albo: Itís almost like being shot out of a cannon. Weíve been working together for many years and we keep adding new costumes and crazy places to change. We make fun of basically everyone.  My personal favorite thing in the show is to make fun of delusional people. 

Nora Burns: Itís going to be very fun, crazy, naughty and smart. We donít think there is anything like it. We sort of make fun of everyone; from people taking too long to order, to mommy culture, to Latin queens, to Republicans. You name it we make fun of it. This will also be my first time in Fort Lauderdale, so Iím very excited about that. 

David Ilku: They can expect to be tickled, shocked, challenged and enlightened.


How does the dynamic of the group work and has it changed over time?

Nora Burns: Over the years of working together we have just as many group pieces as we do monologues. We usually agree on what works and what doesnít work.  Itís very seldom that we have a disagreement.  

David Ilku: We take meetings with each other and discuss what's going on in the world, what's bothering us and work from there. Some are big things but most are little things, which I think people can relate to more.


Do you ever worry that you might offend audiences, or is it always your intention to just be funny?  Do you ever feel that some audiences just need to lighten up?

Mike Albo: Thatís such a good question.  I honestly think I do worry at times; we get controversial.  But thatís what comedy isóto kind of put people in uncomfortable territory.  Iíve always thought of comedy as a massageóalmost a release.  I think audiences should leave trying to find humor in life. 

Nora Burns: We definitely offend audiences.  Things are sometimes too crass or too sexual; but thatís the risk you take when you do sketch comedy.  We just hope that when we make fun of people the audience sees that we are making fun of ourselves just as much as anything else. I hate when people come to the show for the sake of  just coming there.  They have to come for amusement and to hear something funny.  

David Ilku: The old adage, "tragedy plus time equals comedy," is true, however, some things just aren't funny to certain people. We try to open peopleís minds to looking at certain things from our own personal slant. One thing for sure is: we are not precious.


When you are out in public are you always looking for that next joke from some random occurrence around you?

Mike Albo: Definitely.  Iím always writing stuff down and thinking of sketch ideas.  It takes a long time to actually put something together to bring to the stage from an idea, but itís always good to get ideas from all over the place.  

Nora Burns: Absolutely. Things always seem to come to me when Iím out in public.  

David Ilku: No, I am never looking; it just finds me. It's usually something that I find disturbing or annoying and then I think, ďOh wait, I think I can use that."


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