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Joe Posa as "Joan Rivers"
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An Evening With Joe Posa

By Troy Maillis


Fort Lauderdale, Wednesday, July 17, 9:30 pm: Joe Posa and Thirsty Burlington present "An Evening at the Birdcage" at Village Pub. Joe Posa will once again emcee as the iconic Joan Rivers in an evening full of comedy, laughter and impersonation. In true Joan Rivers fashion, nothing is off limits and the digs are down right dirty. 

*Editor's note: following is an interview dishing about a previous performance of "An Eveneing at the Birdcage."

What can we expect from the characters in “An Evening at the Birdcage”? 


An ALL LIVE VOCALS show, with the very best in the world of Celebrity Female Impersonation. Tommy Femia as Judy Garland; Steven Brinberg as Barbra Streisand; Thirsty Burlington as Cher! Also, we have South Florida's own Rod Stephens offering a bit of eye candy. 


With your character Joan Rivers in particular, how do you come up with the content that you will use?  Is it a mixture of old and new material?  She has had a pretty long career. 


I tend to be very current with the material, as she is much edgier today than yesterday. I love it! I also engage the audience quite a bit, and enjoy doing improv, and interacting in the moment!

When did you first decide to impersonate Joan Rivers and other famous female icons? Did you feel like you had some big shoes to fill?


I began my career in musical theater, primarily as a dancer. I would, for kicks, lip-sinc the likes of Barbra, Liza and Michael Jackson. Even Diana Ross & Whitney Houston for some close friends at parties, and they would love it. I auditioned for "An Evening at La Cage" in NYC in 1993 and got it! I was hired to perform as Barbra & Liza, and began to perfect my makeup technique. After performing throughout NYC clubs and Cabarets, as well as casino revues in St. Maarten & Aruba, I began to add Susan Lucci, Gloria Estefan, J.LO and then finally Ms. Rivers!( my only LIVE character). She opened up a lot of doors for me. I did a seven year run of my show: "Guys as Dolls" in Provincetown, and a season in Key West in 2002.


How does Joan feel about your impersonation of her?


I worked with Joan twice, once in Houston, TX at a corporate event, and the other on CBS's the Early Show. She is not only extremely professional & driven, but very supportive and fun! We really hit it off!

What do you want audiences to take away from watching “An Evening at the Birdcage”? 


I want audiences to simply be swept away by the music of these incredible artists, as well as laugh out loud at the comedy throughout. It makes for an amazing evening out with these legendary ladies! 


Where did the concept of the show come from?


I am a huge fan of the art of lip-sinc, when it is done well. I just thought: "I have yet to see an ALL LIVE VOCAL show of legendary icons, so why not?! I hope to take this show to casino venues and showrooms around the country.

In terms of acting, do you play gay roles, straight roles or both?  Do you think it’s difficult for gay actors to play straight roles?


At this point in my career, Ms. Rivers has taken up most of my acting jobs. However, I recently played Tina Fey's “Liz Lemon” character on "30 Rock" along side her! It was at a drag club, and it was a great experience!

If there were ever a feature film or movie about the life of Joan Rivers, do you think you would be in the running for the part?


I actually do think I would be called to audition for it. Her people know how to reach my people, so, you never know. I would really love that opportunity!

With everyone you have worked with, who has been the most fun? Who has been the biggest bitch? 


To be honest, they have all been a pleasure to work with; professional, generous, and ready to have fun. I played daytime diva Erica Kane opposite Susan Lucci on ABC's "All My Children," and she could not have been kinder to me.

For someone who has never seen you perform, how would you describe your art?


Well, when you come join us for "An Evening at the Birdcage" you will leave thinking you saw your favorite Diva at half the price!

What are the next projects you are working on?


Aside from working many Corporate and Private red carpet events, I am busy working on booking this Incredible show throughout the world!  Go to: joeposa.com


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