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"Celebrity Autobiography"

May 5-8

Adrienne Arsht Center

 1300 Biscayne Boulevard

Miami, FL 33132




A free cocktail,

A discounted ticket,

And a private Talk Back with MARIO CANTONE!


Saturday, May 7 at 7pm

Use promo code: CELEBPRIDE and the link below. Offer only good on Saturday  5/7/11,

 7 PM show.

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Mario Cantone Brings "Celebrity" to Miami
by Troy Maillis

Mario Cantone (Photo courtesy of Arsht Center)In our culture, what celebrities say and do eclipse that of the masses. From what they wear, where they eat and where they party, the idea of celebrity has always been a fascinating topic. Many celebrities have taken that notion and capitalized on it by writing an autobiography about their rise to stardom or their opinions on various topics. When all is said and done, does the celebrity actually give their audience juicy snippets about their lives? Or does it backfire with the audience scratching their heads? In ďCelebrity AutobiographyĒ a rotating cast of comedians read the most hilarious excerpts from various celebrityóthatís rightóautobiographies. Mario Cantone, who gained a huge following with his role on Sex and the City, is one of the headliners at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami from May 5-8.  Mario recently talked with Markís List about the upcoming show, working on Sex and the City and being an openly gay actor.

You will be down in Miami soon. Can you talk about ďCelebrity AutobiographyĒ and whose books you will be reading from?

You know, I want most of them to be a surprise; but there is a Sly Stallone and Tommy Lee juxtaposition where I read Tommy and Eugene reads Sly. That one is really funny. Itís a fun gigóI really enjoy it. Every once in a while they ask me to do the show and, if Iím available, Iíll do it.

How do you pick who you will be including in the show?

Eugene Levy and Dayle Refel usually give me ones that have never been done before; ones that are a challenge. But if I donít like it or I get tired of reading from one particular book, I will ask to change it. One of the new ones Iím doing is really good.  At first I thought, ďWhat? This isnít going to work.Ē But so far itís worked.

Reading from the autobiographies, is there something youíve learned about certain celebrities that you were surprised by?

Not really. Itís just mainly surprising how they think everything they say is so important and fascinating, and itís really not.  Thatís really the point of the show.

Who are some of your favorite celebrities to impersonate?

I did former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, for a while when it was popular and new. I donít do it anymore, but it was a lot of fun when I did.  I love doing Tommy Leeóheís probably my favorite one. 

What do you think most people donít know about being a celebrity? 

Well, thereís a lot of crazy stuff that goes on in this business. I think the young ones have a problem with it a lot of the time and are partying all the time. There are good people and thereís mean people, and there are the ones out there that you think are going to be intimidated by and they end up being really nice. Itís all very surprising.

What has it been like working with Rachel Dratch and Sharon Gless?

They are very funny, talented ladies. I love Rachelósheís so funny. Sheís a great girl to work with. Iíve never worked with Sharon, but I was on a cruise with her and got to know her, and she was really nice and very real. Iím looking forward to working with her for the first time.

You gained a huge following with your role on Sex and the City.  Is Anthony Marrantino still a big part of your act?

No, I never ever talk about him. Sometimes people will yell from the audience, ďAnthony!Ē Heís never been a part of my actóheís a character I play and someone I love playing. It became this huge thing and theyíve taken me along for the ride. I got to do both of the movies after the series, and itís just been great.

If there were another movie, do you think there is still room for the characters of ďAnthonyĒ and ďStanfordĒ?

I doubt there will be a third one, but if there is another movie, I guess they need to have a baby.  Maybe Anthony would like children. We can have a big gay baby shower.

In addition to the show, what are some of the other projects you are working on?

I just finished a pilot for Warner Bros. and NBC starring Don Johnson and Iím the second male lead in it. Itís more of a comedy/drama. Mr. Johnson is very, very good in it.  Heís playing a role that he has never played before.  Itís written by Michael Patrick King, who also wrote Sex and the City. I hope and pray that it gets picked upóIíll know in a week or two. Iím on pins and needles waiting.

For all of the up and coming young gay comedians or actors out there, what is your advice?

My advice is that itís really hard. When youíre an openly gay comedian or actor itís very difficultóitís not easy.  Iíve had five different development deals in my life with studios like Imagine and Lionsgate, where the show was developed around me; but the shows never went anywhere. Thereís never been an openly gay actor or comedian thatís really had a show specifically developed for them. Well, it happened once with Nathan Lane, but it didnít get on the air. Itís really something Iíve wanted. Also, gay actors donít get paid the same as the straight ones. Iím very lucky to come as far as I have, but it hasnít been easy. There are plenty of actors who are in there closet, and they are the ones that have the more successful careers. Itís a double standardóyou can play gay if youíre straight, but you canít play straight if youíre gay.  Iím glad though that Neil [Patrick Harris] is able to do that on his on show.

If you could go back, would you think twice about coming out as an actor or comedian?

I canít live or think that way.  You sacrifice a lot definitely. If I were just an actor it might have been easier, but Iím a comedian alsoóI have a voice and a platform.

Speaking of that platform, what kind of experience are you hoping to give your audience in Miami?

I just hope they enjoy it. If youíve never seen something like it before, itís definitely something you should come out and see.  Itís fascinating what some of these people writeóitís going to be really fun.




QR Code Arscht Center CalendarA free cocktail,

A discounted ticket,

And a private Talk Back with MARIO CANTONE!


Saturday, May 7 at 7pm

Use promo code: CELEBPRIDE

Celbrity Autobiography

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