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Kristine W

Taking Key West by Storm
By Troy Maillis

Recording artist, Kristine W, performed with her dancers during Key West Pride at Bourbon Street Pub.  Mark Magazine caught up with Kristine W to discuss her past, present & future:

Mark's List: Is this your first time performing at Key West Pride?

Kristine W: No, I did a show in Key West when “Stonger” was a hit in 2001, and I remember how gorgeous everything was. That was at the beginning of my musical career, and we have had 13 more dance hits since then, so this will be fun. I am very excited to come back to Key West, and I am staying an extra day to take it all in. My dancers are talking about jumping in the ocean at every rehearsal to stay fired up.

M: Which songs are you planning on performing?

K: I will be doing some old hits and some new hits. We are doing a medley so we can fit more hits into the show.

M: Do you have any other plans while you are in Key West?

K: I love to swim in the ocean so you will see me out there. Just look over your shoulder honey "I'll Be There" – (lol).

M: Tell us a little about how you got started in the business? 

K: My first big hit was in 1997 in London with “Feel What You Want”. This summer we are releasing a Jazz single version from the Jazz album “Straight Up with A Twist".  The new version was recorded very much the way it was originally written back then.

M: When was your first big break?

K: My Mother Donna Lee was a working musician, a twelve-string guitar player, and a singer. I would sing with her in her shows and during the offering at church when I around 8 years old. We were the Judd’s of the Northwest.

M: What were your main obstacles while trying to break into the business?

K: The main obstacle has always been money. It is a very difficult business to get started in. Fortunately, I was able to support myself and work my way through college performing in bands singing all kinds of styles of music. My mom gave me a great gift by letting me perform and
encouraging me at a really early age.
M: How important are your gay fans and have the gays always supported you?

K: I just love my gay fans. We have had so much fun dancing through life together. I am happy to be able to do my jazz album for them because they can chill out to these amazing songs at their dinner parties or making out with their lovers or both.
M: Are you inspired by any other artists past or present?

K: I am inspired by so many artists past and present. I could go on and on. I love creative people of all kinds, and I am drawn to them.

M: Are you currently recording any new material?

K: I am always working on new material and mixes. We currently have a bunch of projects such as the Jazz album; the "Feel" Jazz single is being worked to SmoothJazz radio; another new single; a new dance single form “The Power Of Music” album; & a number one’s album. Since I have my own label, I don't have to wait for anyone to make decisions, but I also finance everything. It’s good, but scary too. You can "Save an Artist" and go to Kristinew.com or Itunes to buy music so I can keep making music for you.