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Glenn Douglas Packard & Daniel Miagany
Glenn Douglas Packard & Daniel Miagany, photo by F&G photography 
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Love, Life & Humanity

A-List Miami Couple Opens Up

By Troy Maillis


With all of the events surrounding gays in the media over this past year, our society may be very well in the midst of a changing of the guard.  For years, the thought of two men holding hands in public was taboo and actually risky.  Over time, however, there have been several champions for the cause to not only change the way society thinks about gay relationships, but they way other gays feel about gay relationships.  A-List Miami couple, Daniel Miagany, model, and Glenn Douglas Packard, choreographer and actor, recently celebrated two years together.  It may not seem like a long time, but the connection is undeniable.  The couple sat down to give their individual takes on their relationship and society's changing views on being gay. 


How did you meet and how long have you been together?  What initially attracted you to one another?


G: We met at Score in Miami Beach and started out as great friends. I then started getting strong feelings for Daniel. He was smokin' hot and made me laugh so much. So one night asked him if I could kiss him, wow what a kiss itís lasted 2 years now.


D:  We met through a mutual friend at Score on a slow Monday night.  He was on a date and I had just moved here from LA so I was trying to make friends but we kicked it off right away and established a friendship.  Shortly I realized he wanted to be more than friends because he'd coincidentally show up at the same places me and my friend were.  I was instantly attracted to his smile and confidence.  I told him when we met that he walks with such confidence which is really hot to me.   

What do you think is the most effective way to meet a quality guy in the gay world?  Do you think there are advantages to meeting guys for dating online or does it just lead to disaster from the beginning?


G:  For me, I was always meeting people in the work field.  Iím a director/choreographer and in the entertainment business, so I am always dating other entertainers.  Even though I met Daniel at a bar, I'm not sure thatís the best place to meet the man of your dreams. Now that I think about it, I don't know if I have the answer to where to meet that quality guy. I know the Internet sites a lot of my friends are on and youíre not going to find that dream guy to help complete you, but it will take care of your sexual needs and thatís about all.


D:  There's no right or wrong way to meet a guy.  Years ago no one would admit to meeting online but now itís a norm and many successful relationships have resulted from it.  If I knew of an effective way I'd be rich but I can assure you itís not where you meet the person but your actions and how treat the relationship.  I finally grew up when I met Glenn and I changed for the better.  I wasn't looking for a relationship so my expectations weren't high.

In many gay relationships the couples have an ďopenĒ relationship or ďplayĒ together.  Do you have that type of relationship and do you think gay men can have a monogamous relationship without losing interest?


G: Iím that "Sex is best when itís ONE on ONEĒ kind of guy. Itís funny because we have become friends with a lot of gay men that have been in relationships for 13-19 years, and talking to them we find out that they have guests in the bedroom. Recently, Daniel & I started asking each other if that us down the road and would we open our bedroom to other men.  Right now my heart tells me no, but something else down below might tell me something different. Time will tell.


D:  Yea, we've been in heated discussions over this one and not because Glenn or I want an open relationship, but more with outside people.  It's such a gay clichť, unfortunately.  I've noticed many "LTRs" are open, which is fine with me, but we haven't gotten their and I hope we don't.  What's the point of committing to someone then going around sleeping with the rest of the town?You can't have your cake and eat it too.


When you met, how did the issue of who is the top and who is the bottom come up?  Was it right at the beginning or did you feel each other out?


G: Lots of sword playing [lol]. No, we were friends first, so we knew where to go and even explore some new territories!


D:  We started out as friends so we got to know each other before that whole topic.  Letís just say we've both made accommodations to please each other. 

What do you like most about each other and what keeps the fire burning at this point? Is it the emotional connection, the sex, the physical attraction, or is everything equal?


G: Well I have always wanted a mature relationship and someone who knows who they are, what they want and will love me back as much I love them.  For me itís more of trust.  It's knowing when I'm away or working, I can give a hundred percent into that project where I am and not be concerned with whatís going on at the home front.  It's how much he makes me laugh and how unique I think he is.  I found a true individual and I feel like the luckiest gay man in the world.  I like that he has brought music into my life again, he introduced me to wine, he texts and talks to my family, he loves to dress up and be silly, he is kind to everyone around him, we love laying in the couch together watching scary movies, he looks great in his underwear, he is into holidays, he can draw amazingly well. When I'm away he texts me everyday "good night" or "good morning" or "I love you."


D:  Glenn is what keeps me together and, as cheesy as it sounds, he make me a better person.  He is hands down the nicest guy I've been with.  He is very generous with his emotions and always makes me smile.  He is never in a bad mood and loves life and it's contagious.  I can see how before me he'd only been in 3+ year relationships.  He has values, morals and is also very honest. He's a catch and I'd be a fool to let him go.

A lot has happened in the gay community this year in terms of moving forward in a more positive and equal direction (DADT, gay adoption, gay marriage).  What are you hoping for in the future?  Do you foresee getting married and having kids?


G:  You know I want to address something in Miami: New York has Chelsea, LA has WeHo, San Fran has Castro, Fort Lauderdale has Wilton Manors; but in Miami, we are one of the gayest places on the planet but we have no designated area?  We kind of exploded everywhere in Miami, but I feel we need to have that area were it's MEGA GAY [lol]. I have a positive outlook on our community and feel things are going in the right direction, just like womenís rights, gender equality, and all the civil rights movements in the past. The LGBT rights and gay liberation will get better. Now is the time for every LGBT to stand up proud and have a voice!   I for sure am going to lead by example and try to make a difference while Iím here.  Marriage and kids are on the top of my list.  Sign me up yesterday!

D:  We've definitely talked about having kids by means of a surrogate or adoption.  Again, itís only been two years but we're not getting any younger and Glenn wants to be a cool, young dad. I hope one day we are all accepted as equal.  There are plenty of good examples out there of happy gay couples with children.  I wish Florida had more of a community and information regarding these events.  


With the string of recent bullying and suicides, what do you think that can be done in the future?  Do you think your relationship is a good example to kids and society that gay men can have healthy, functional relationships?


G.  Get me out there to every school. I will let these kids know life is great and it gets better.  I was there at one time. I just put up my ďIt Gets BetterĒ video on YouTube.  After I watched it I got a bit emotional because as I watched myself speaking I went back to being that young boy that was getting bullying at school and tried to commit suicide. To think I may have gone through with it and not have seen where my destiny would have taken me.  To think I was so scared, alone, and sad to now being so extremely happy and cherish my life so much.  I feel so lucky and know Iím in a position where I can help the younger generation feel a bit safer and not so alone by the media and internet.  I'm going to make sure they know life is what you make it, so get out there and enjoy your adventure!


D:  Yes, I hope we are a good example to teens out there.  Most of Glenn's fan base are in their teenage years and he feels he has a responsibility to be a good role model.  We take pride in many things and one is that we have fun with each other and people see that.  As far as bullying, itís a damn shame this is happening.  I remember how difficult it was when I was a kid but I stuck through it.  Now when I go out and see a mass of gay people, I'm like, ďYES!  We all stuck through!Ē  We can't do anything other than inform the kids that life does get better and there are hotlines and organizations such as The Trevor Project that are there to support you.  I also hope schools start waking up and do disciplinary actions to those who are bullying.